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Some of our customers prefer fruit flavors while others opt for creamy flavors like creamy cherry or cookies and cream. Some like shisha that gives off a strong buzz while others prefer to savor the flavor and skip the buzz. Luckily for you, we carry so many different brands and flavors that you are sure to find your perfect smoke here at Tuah Shisha Australia. In this post we are going to focus on buzz factor by categorizing our shisha tobacco brands into 4 groups – extra buzzy (dark/gold leaf), regular  buzzy (regular leaf), and no buzz (nicotine-free).

Which shisha flavor gives the best buzz?

Every hookah smoker has unique preferences. Some like fruit flavors; others prefer creamy flavors like creamy cherry or cookies and cream. Some like shisha that gives off a strong buzz; others prefer to savor the flavor and skip the buzz.

Extra Buzzy: These brands will give you an intense buzz that can last up to 2 hours! These are great for those who want a strong high without having to spend a lot of money on a high quality product that will leave them feeling relaxed but not tired out.

Dark Leaf shisha is the strongest buzz you can get from smoking. It’s made with real tobacco leaves, so it’s more potent than other shisha flavors. It’s also a very niche flavor—you’ll probably only ever find Dark Leaf shisha in certain parts of the world.
If you’re into smoking shisha and you want a really strong buzz, then this is the flavor for you! But if you’re new to smoking shisha, try something lighter first.

hookah tobacco tangier mint

Buzzy: These brands will give you a buzz that lasts anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. These are great for those who want something more mellow than extra buzzy but still want something with a little kick.

Adalya’s Lady Killer hookah tobacco is a fruity blend of mango and strawberry with menthol. The flavor will make your mouth water for more, and it’s perfect for those who love their smoke to be sweet without being overwhelming. The high-quality processing of Adalya tobacco makes it beginner-friendly because one can smoke in almost any setup without worrying about burning too quickly or not delivering enough smoke.

Regular: These brands will give you just enough of a buzz to enjoy yourself but not too much so as not to cloud your mind or make it difficult for you

If you’re looking for a flavor that will keep you smoking and wanting to hit every time, look no further than Tuah Shisha’s Killer flavor.

With its unique and bold taste, Tuah Flavor is the right buzzy feeling for the everyday smoker. What makes this flavor so special is that it keeps you wanting to smoke more, but with just enough subtlety that it doesn’t overpower your senses.

Tuah Flavor is best enjoyed on two charcoals at first, until those charcoals start testing the flavor. At this point, you can add one more charcoal to really elevate your experience.

We did the research so that you can enjoy maximum shisha experience .

We know that shisha is all about the buzz, but with tobacco-free shisha, it can be hard to know which flavor is going to give you the best high. We’ve done some research and have come up with a list of the top 5 shisha flavors that will get you just where you want to be without any of those nasty tobacco headaches.

The first on our list is a Killa Shisha Flavor. This flavor has just the right amount of buzzy goodness without being too much or too little. It’s a perfect blend of sweet and sour, giving you the euphoric feeling you want while also keeping your head clear enough so that you can still function as normal.

Tuah shisha flavor was made from natural nargile mix. Tuah shisha flavor also consist of rich flavour that gives our smokers a better taste and a smooth smoke.


If you’ve never smoked hookah you are missing out on a new and exciting smoking experience. Give it a try sometime, but make sure you do your research first so you know what to expect. Oh, and make sure you read this guide too before hand!

Tuah Shisha flavor is the preferred shisha flavor of celebrities and successful people. It's aromatic forest fruits, including wild berries and mango plus delicate incense like notes from real frankincense and myrrh resins makes it very popular.

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