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In 1956, the Olympic Games were held in Sydney, Australia. As per tradition, there was an Olympic torch relay from Cairns to Sydney. However, on the final day of the relay, a wildly ludicrous prankster stole the attention of the nation.

With thousands of people crowded to see the final stages of the relay, a runner appeared bearing a flame and was met by cheers and applause. The runner made it to the stage and handed the Mayor the ‘torch’ – which is when everyone realised that the runner had not been holding the prestigious Olympic flame, but a wooden chair leg topped by a plum pudding can; inside of which, a pair of kerosene-soaked underwear was burning with a greasy flame.

Barry Larkin, a Sydney University student, had just pulled the prank of the century and left the nation completely dumbfounded.

It is one of those moments in time, while the world is watching, just like the moon landing, that will remain in history.

Most of us weren’t even born in 1956, when television first arrived in Australia, so that we Aussies could watch the Olympic Games and Barry Larkin, with his, completely Aussie-sense-of-humour. Nor were many of us born in 1969, as Sydney siders, and people across the globe, crowded around a small TV, to watch the moon landing.

We wish we could have been there to give Barry a taste of Tuah Herbal Shisha in congratulations for his history-making efforts. We would have liked to have been glued to the TV, enjoying a delicious Tuah Herbal Shisha, when in 1969, the words “one small step for mankind…” was first spoken.

But that was then… and this is now.

It’s true. Sydney has an amazing and incredibly unique history.

All future history is created from the things we do today. Make your own historical moments and memories with the equally unique and amazing Tuah Herbal and add to the uniqueness of Sydney.

Tuah Herbal is Sydney’s premier supplier of exceptionally delicious shisha, achieved through our exclusive cornhusk shisha products.

At Tuah Herbal, we have worked with our Team to create an entirely new and innovative Shisha product, one derived from cornhusk. And because the base of all our herbal shisha is a natural, organic product, so is our shisha.

100% natural, 100% organic, 100% sustainable and 100% renewable.

Tuah Herbal Shisha is the best and should be your only, alternative to nicotine-based tobacco shisha. By using cornhusk as our base, the burn-time is around the same, and we offer a range of incredible flavours to choose from. Our excellent reviews and our 25,000+ users can attest to that.

It was these very qualities that drew Tuah Herbal’s founding Directors to cornhusk shisha. Determined to bring this new and innovative product to the Hookah Australia market, they worked hard, testing the product, creating new mixes and blends, ensuring quality and supply. All this to bring their customers the shisha experience they deserve.

So, if you are in Sydney and looking for the perfect weekend activity, why not give yourself the gift of Tuah Herbal?

Check out our available flavours to find the best Herbal Hookah flavour Sydney for you. For more information about Tuah Herbal’s delectable cornhusk shisha, head to our blog to discover all there is to know about Tuah Herbal and our Hookah Sydney options.

Got a question? Get in touch with our friendly Team at Tuah Herbal +61 431 379 161.

Tuah Herbal – Taste the Husk.

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