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In 1962, when astronaut John Glenn orbited over Australia, he named Perth “the city of lights” because everyone in Perth turned on their lights, making Perth visible from space. In that one moment, Perth was on the world map. Perth was bigger and brighter than both Melbourne and Sydney, and the people of Perth shared a unique experience.

What many people on the East Coast don’t know is that Perth is still a leader in many ways. It is Australia’s ‘sunniest’ capital city, and has more millionaires per capita, than any other Australian city.

And now Perth also has Tuah Herbal, although it does have to share that with the Eastern States .

Tuah Herbal is Perth’s premier supplier of an incredible shisha experience, achieved through our exclusive cornhusk shisha products.

The difference between our shisha and all other smoking products available to purchase, is the main ingredient; cornhusk, only found at Tuah Herbal—a 100% nicotine-free shisha product.

At Tuah Herbal, we have worked with our Team to create an entirely new and innovative Shisha product, one derived from cornhusk. And because the base of all our herbal shisha is a natural, organic product, so is our shisha. 100% natural. 100% organic. 100% sustainable and renewable.

Tuah Herbal Shisha is a real alternative to nicotine-based tobacco shisha, and because our base is cornhusk, the burn-time is around the same. As for the taste and flavour? Well our excellent reviews and our 25,000+ users are our strongest testament.

And cornhusk not only makes aromatic and exotic Shisha flavours, it has potential health benefits. Studies have shown that cornhusk contains amounts of the antioxidant – anthocyanin, an antioxidant which research indicates has several health benefits, including anti-viral properties and assisting in fighting heart disease.

Tuah Herbal Shisha is the ideal alternative to nicotine-based tobacco. It tastes great. It smells delicious. It has a long burn-time. It has potential antioxidant benefits – and it will help you relax, unwind, and enjoy the day, or evening, with friends or after work.

It was these very qualities that drew Tuah Herbal’s founding Directors to cornhusk shisha. Determined to bring this new and innovative product to Australia, they worked hard, testing the product, creating new mixes and blends, ensuring quality and supply… so that Perth and the rest of Australia could also experience the Tuah way of life.

With an almost endless list of flavours, and a full range of products, Tuah Herbal is Perth’s first, and only choice, for herbal shisha.

So, next time you are looking over the Swan River on a cloudless Perth evening, why not immerse yourself in the moment, with Tuah Herbal. We recommend browsing through the extensive selection of available flavours available for purchase. For more information about the Tuah Herbal’s amazing cornhusk shisha, view our online blog section to read all about it.

Got a question? Get in touch with our friendly Team at Tuah Herbal +61 431 379 161.

Tuah Herbal – Taste the Husk.

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