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Tuah Herbal Mint Flavour

Tuah Herbal Mint Flavour

There is no substitute for the refreshing taste and aroma of mint. It’s one of the most popular fragrances and flavours. You can find it in everything from mouthwash to herbal tea, lollies and air freshener… and who can deny the delicious combination of choc-mint ice-cream, the yum of an after-dinner-mint, or the soothing, almost meditating effect of mint tea.

At Tuah Herbal we not only agree that mint is one of THE BEST taste sensations, we also think it is one of the best Shisha blends. Whether you want to have a full 100% mint flavour or make an energising combination, imagine 10% mint, 40% apple and 40% watermelon; for that ‘Summertime Breeze’ feeling, or whether you are looking to blend it with tobacco, nothing beats mint! After all there is a reason why menthol cigarettes are among the most popular.

Our 150g Mint Flavour pouches are an ideal size, allowing you to make you own blends. Why not try a mix of mint and grape. Or how about making something utterly decadent? A luscious blend of mint, apple, and tobacco, with all the refreshing and cooling effects of mint, the tang of apple, but still giving you that ‘menthol cigarette’ hit. Imagine that, apple-mint tobacco – it sounds delish & it tastes even better. And your home, and breath, will smell of the freshness of mint and apple.

But don’t restrict yourself to just one blend combination. Tuah Shisha Mint Flavour can be smoked on its own, for that all-consuming cool and refreshing taste and smell. Or it can be combined with any flavour mix you desire. And always maintaining that just-brushed-my-teeth feeling and aroma.

Some of our most popular Tuah Shisha Mint blends include, Tuah Herbal Mint-Grape and Mint-Watermelon; both giving you a sweet, summer feel. Cool and fresh. Other popular blends are Tuah Herbal Mint & Grape and Mint & Apple. Crisp. Fresh. Soothing. With Tuah Shisha Mint Flavour – the freshness is always there.

Best Ratio mixing is 10% Tuah Mint flavour with any other Shisha flavours.