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Did you know that one of Australia’s favourite sweets, the lamington, was first made in Brisbane? Yes, that’s right. Brisbane is famous for the lamington.

Brisbane might be best known for being the gateway to Queensland, but it has so much more to offer. Aside from the lamington, Brisbane native, Sir Charles Kingsford Smith, made aviation news back in 1928 Brisbane when he left California for a solo plane ride back home. Flying via Hawaii and Fiji, Sir Charles landed in Brisbane after 83 hours and 38 minutes of flight time.

That’s three and a half day up in the air!

We are sure that had Sir Charles had the opportunity to try Tuah Herbal’s Shisha, Brisbane’s first choice in herbal shisha, it would have made the experience much more pleasant and less stressful!

Our range of high quality, 100% NATURAL Shisha, is unique, and cannot be found anywhere else in Australia because of our base product – Cornhusk. That’s right, our product is made from the husk of corn. Natural. Organic. Sustainable. Environmentally friendly, completely nicotine free, wonderful tasting, lasts as long as regular tobacco; and exclusive to Tuah Herbal.

Sourced from farmers in Malaysia, cornhusk is a naturally growing plant-based product containing zero harmful chemicals, toxins, and other negatively impacting ingredients. In comparison, many other shisha blends, and bases, contain harmful toxins, including nicotine and carcinogenic chemicals.

An additional benefit of our shisha is that research indicates the base product used in all Tuah Herbal’s shisha, cornhusk, contains amounts of the antioxidant – anthocyanin. Anthocyanin is an antioxidant which has been proven to provide benefits such as anti-viral properties as well as fighting off heart disease. Further studies have also shown that cornhusk contains anti-cancer properties which can help avoid cancer in the human body.

Our popularity, 25,000+ users and growing, can be easily attributed to the combination of long-burn-time, amazing taste, and wonderful aroma our product produces. At Tuah Herbal you get a quality product that lasts approximately as long as conventual nicotine tobacco, and that is made from a by-product, which is completely natural and renewable.

Our comments and reviews tell us every day how blown away our customers are by the flavour while still experiencing that ‘exotic-spiritual’ sensation of smoking a Hookah.

Brisbane, now also Queensland’s gateway to Tuah Herbal.

This sentiment was also first experienced by Tuah Herbal’s founders, who, after trying the product for the first time, knew they needed to get this amazing product to the Australian consumer.

If you are interested in viewing our extensive range of shisha flavours and products head over to our product listing page to see all the available flavours. If you would like to read our reviews and detailed information regarding cornhusk shisha, check out our dedicated blog section for more information.

Got a question? Get in touch with our friendly Team at Tuah Herbal +61 431 379 161.

Tuah Herbal – Taste the Husk.


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