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As every Adelaide native knows, in 1836, Adelaide was born with a proclamation under a gumtree at Glenelg.

Known throughout Australia as ‘the city of churches’ it’s fitting that Tuah Herbal has expanded to Adelaide – scenic, beautiful, serine, and spiritual. This could just as easily be the description for a Tuah Herbal Shisha experience…

When you think Adelaide Shisha, the market leader is unquestionable; Tuah Herbal.

Our unique, and completely sustainable Herbal Shisha stands out, not only for quality and taste, but also because of the base product. Our 100% organic Shisha is made from cornhusk – which is why we are the preferred choice for the conscientious but discriminating buyer.

Our Shisha product stands out for flavour and is cost effective, but what makes us totally unique is the main ingredient, cornhusk. There is no other supplier of cornhusk based herbal shisha in Australia – Tuah Herbal is the best; and only, choice for quality, value for money, taste, and sustainability.

At Tuah Herbal, we have worked hard with our manufacturing Team to create a range of delicious individual flavours. Our focus has always been on providing a 100% chemical-free product, that was environmentally friendly, while still being affordable, with a lovely aroma and an enjoyable after-taste.

Our selection, and product, is exclusive to Tuah Herbal, and our 25,000+ users must agree, Tuah herbal is the first choice for the discerning Herbal Shisha customer.

And, our organic shisha is backed by studies finding that the base product used in all Tuah Herbal’s shisha, cornhusk, contains amounts of the antioxidant – anthocyanin.

Anthocyanin is an antioxidant that supplies many benefits, such as anti-viral properties as well as fighting off heart disease. Also, it has even been indicated that cornhusk contains anti-cancer properties that can fight off cancer.

Never put your wellbeing at risk with nicotine-based substances, switch to Tuah Herbals cornhusk shisha which can improve your wellbeing and provide a great tasting product to enjoy.

The excellent aroma and smell combined with the superb taste from cornhusk shisha are one of the reasons why more and more people are switching to the Tuah way of life. Happy clients are regularly communicating to Tuah Herbal about the incredible experience they have had in their Tuah Herbal shisha experience.

The excellent benefits of cornhusk shisha were the driving force for Tuah Herbal’s founding Director’s, who were motivated by the explosion of flavour and taste of cornhusk shisha, to start supplying this great flavour and product to everyone in Australia.

And while Adelaide is known worldwide as the Opal Capital of Australia, a new exotic gem is now also available – Tuah Herbal.

So whether you are looking to change from nicotine-based tobacco shisha, or whether would like to experiment with flavours, you can trust in Tuah Herbal, where our brand stands for quality and environment, and our daily growing customer base is proof of that.

We recommend browsing through the extensive selection of available flavours available for purchase. For more information about the Tuah Herbal’s amazing cornhusk shisha, view our online blog section to read all about it.

Got a question? Get in touch with our friendly Team at Tuah Herbal +61 431 379 161.

Tuah Herbal – Taste the Husk

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