Top 10 Shisha bars in Melbourne

With so many great shisha bars, shisha lounges, and shisha cafes popping up all over Australia, we regularly get asked which ones we recommend. That’s not an easy question to answer, because we have so many favourites! Being based in Melbourne, we’ve got a pretty good handle on the Shisha Melbourne scene, so that’s where we’re going to start. Here are four of the best Melbourne shisha bars and hookah lounges for you to try.

Arabesque Melbourne

As opposed to being just another shisha joint, this place is much more. If you’re looking for a coffee shop, a casual lunch spot, a dinner spot, or a shisha session with friends, Arabesque has what you’re looking for. Downstairs, you’ll find a tasty meal inspired by Middle Eastern and Jordanian flavours, followed by a relaxed and casual shisha lounge. The best-tasting shisha in Melbourne can be found at Arabesque, where you can choose from a variety of flavours. Can we arrange a cute date for you and your loved one? Whenever you had some friends over in a relaxed environment, how did it go? If you haven’t been there yet, we recommend you do so!  

Two Hands Rooftop Bar Eatery

The best hookah bar isn’t the only thing you’ll find here; there’s an incredibly great restaurant and event space as well. The view is spectacular, and the atmosphere is cozy for enjoying time with friends. A beer garden can be found on the lower level of this tucked-away venue, and an open rooftop can be found on the upper level. You can also order food and drinks with your shisha.   

Majestic Shisha Lounge

A whole new world of luxury now open in Melbourne’s West.
Energy, adventure and luxury are waiting for you in Majestic Lounge Western Australia.We are the perfect place to sit back and relax. Our shisha lounge is at your service with a complete beverage menu. We also offer a flexible bookings option with a variety of menus, providing the ideal shisha bar Melbourne experience for everyone.

Zuzu Lounge

It’s hard to go wrong with hookah lounges like this one. On the menu are different pizzas and mezze, along with alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to accompany your shisha. You won’t find a better shisha bar Melbourne than this at any other restaurant.  

Gallery Pizza Bar And Shisha Lounge

Hookah menus, drinks, and live music can be found at Gallery’s local hookah lounge. There is no wonder this bar is a favourite among many, given its incredible vibe and its staff who go out of their way to ensure you have a great time. It is highly recommended that you visit this place!  

The Balcony Shisha Bar

Drinks and cigarettes are the best way to spend time with friends in this university hangout. With its excellent service and relaxed atmosphere, it’s no wonder Lygon Street’s shisha bar Melbourne is so popular and busy. It takes only eight minutes to drive to the city centre by car or public transportation. The hookah scene in Melbourne is very active, with many hookah venues. If you live further away from the city, you may not be willing to drive to the city just for some shisha. We won’t leave you out, so don’t worry! You don’t have to worry, we understand! 

Sahara Lounge And Shisha Café

Why not try Sahara Lounge with friends for a more local experience? A variety of shisha flavours are available for you to choose from in a relaxed environment. You can enjoy shisha without spending an arm and a leg at this shisha bar Melbourne. For those feeling a little hungry, kebabs and chips are available as well.  

Burwood Shisha

It is located in Burwood, a premier Shisha bar Melbourne. We craft each Shisha with great care by our expert artisans. There is a delightful social atmosphere at our coal changes, and the coal changes are complimentary. An urban-style shisha lounge with neon colours that stands out from the traditional style. Music, music videos, and major sporting events are shown on four TVs, and soon gaming sets will also be added. It is well known that the lounge’s mixes are exceptionally good. Shisha is perfectly complemented by their tea selection. We are excited to announce that alcohol and finger food will be served soon.  

Arabica Lounge

Arabica is a popular lounge where you can smoke shisha and enjoy Turkish tea in a chill, cosy atmosphere. The Moroccan-styled Arabica is a Brunswick favourite with its multicoloured cushions, vintage ottoman antiques and paintings. It is important to note that alcohol is not served or consumed at this venue.

Marrakech Bar

This seductive Moroccan-inspired bar is located in the heart of Melbourne beneath the prominent Bank Place. You’ll be captivated by the sultry Moroccan décor and mysteriously alluring candlelit corners of Marrakech. A laid-back atmosphere, rich colours, solid walls, and soft fabrics evoke the feeling of being in a Moroccan house.


Shisha smoking is prohibited within 4 metres of a seated dining area in a restaurant, cafe, or licensed establishment, according to NSW Health guidelines.
Heating coils are used to heat nicotine-containing liquids in electronic cigarettes. Similar methods are used by Shisha pens, but tobacco leaves are used instead of nicotine.
Smoke-free legislation under the Health Act 2006 prohibits smoking in enclosed public places and workplaces, regardless of the product smoked. The use of a water pipe is not considered smoking, but there is a misconception as to whether it is.
There is a three-meter radius restriction on smoking within an eating place’s table or chair. The ban includes vaping and shisha with nicotine in addition to tobacco products.
There are severe health effects associated with smoking shisha, and smoking shisha in enclosed or substantially enclosed public places is illegal.

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