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Shisha with Sophia Smokes

At Tuah Australia, we have worked diligently to ensure our shisha tastes and smells divine and our professional service to our customers equals the quality of our herbal shisha tobacco.

Shisha smoked with herbal mix is a luxurious treat.

Last week, one of our flavours products were featured on a Youtube review. The reviewer, Rebecca Sophia Scott, selected our Shisha Watermelon, Apple and bubblegum flavours to review in her Product of the Week special for her channel Sophia Smokes. She is located in Miami, USA. To view the video link, click HERE.

Sophia was overjoyed by the packaging, she was totally amazed that our herbal shisha delivers a unique Tuah smell, and enjoys the best taste that sparks her desire to have another puff.

After trying our apple shisha flavour, Sophia said she was impressed. She enjoyed the flavour, telling us she couldn’t wait to try the other flavours. She had tried herbal shisha before, but never with such a smooth, lasting.

Our aim is to popularise Tuah’s brand of shisha in a global context, and we hope that with the discovery of our shisha by people in Miami, and other parts of the USA, our name will become synonymous with shisha Australia

Now you can get Tuah Shisha flavours delivered to your door.

Tuah Australia – and Australian company, now internationally recognised for our quality and our service.


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Established 2011, Tuah Australia, had a simple ambition – be the best shisha supplier. With our 10-year anniversary approaching, we can honestly say, we're Australia’s premium Shisha supplier. Our 25,000+ positive reviews, Shisha Melbourne as well as boutique Hookah Lounges located in premier locations such as the always-on-trend Chapel Street, attest to this.

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