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Shisha Tuah Flavous are coming to NZ

We welcome you to try our exclusive bubble gum shisha flavour! Our customers love the fresh, fruity taste of Tuah. Visit our website and we’ll ship to your country! Be part of the excitement and try our newest shisha flavours.

Shisha Flavours in NZ

We are Tuah Australia, your hookah shop that brings the latest shisha flavours straight to your door.

Your country deserves the very best. Tuah only uses pure, high-quality flavors in our shisha. We’ll ship directly to your home with fast and friendly service to the shisha nz community in New Zealand

Tuah Shisha Shop in NZ

Our popularity, 25,000+ users and growing, can be easily contributed to shisha shop in NZ with attributed to the combination of long-burn-time, amazing taste, and wonderful aroma our product produces. At Tuah Australia you get a quality product that lasts approximately as long as conventual shisha tobacco flavour, and that is made from a by-product, which is completely natural and renewable.

Our comments and reviews tell us every day how blown away our customers are by the flavour while still experiencing that ‘exotic-spiritual’ sensation of smoking a Hookah.

New Zeland, now also Auckland’s gateway to Tuah Australia.

This sentiment was also first experienced by Tuah Australia’s founders, who, after trying the product for the first time, knew they needed to get this amazing product to the Australian consumer.

If you are interested in viewing our extensive range of shisha flavours and products head over to our product listing page to see all the available flavours. If you would like to read our reviews and detailed information regarding cornhusk shisha, check out our dedicated blog section for more information.

Got a question? Get in touch with our friendly Team at Tuah Australia +61 431 379 161.

It’s a new shisha that’s going to take New Zealand by storm. It’s a flavour that every Kiwi is going to love.
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