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Why start anywhere but the best? Start your shisha tobacco products journey with Tuah Australia.

So whether you are lucky enough to call shisha London home, or floating down a lazy river, or taking a much needed break from a busy day routine, why not enjoy the full experience with us.

Our shisha tastes and smells amazing, is 100% natural, made from sustainable, renewable husk – that’s right, your delicious mint and bubble gum shisha flavour is made from husk.

And that’s one of the things that separates us from our competition, the second is the delicious taste, and the third is that, unlike other shisha flavour which is made from sugarcane, our husk lasts the same time as regular shisha tobacco.


Enjoy the Refreshing Taste of Shisha Flavours

In fact, it was the combination of taste, flavour and burning time that first attracted Tuah Australia’s Director’s to start the company – a explosion of scents and tastes coming from the humble husk and yet creating amazing Shisha and flavour blends. The owner of this company knew that the idea to introduce natural shisha tobacco would be a success because it would hit shisha loungers’ interest. Tuah Husk allows you to indulge in the exotic shisha aroma without any guilt in your indulgence. But the benefits don’t end with flavour and taste. Studies have shown that husk contains amounts of the antioxidant – anthocyanin. So, as you drift off into your stress-free ‘zen’ and allow your mind to meander with the plumes of aromatic smoke, you are also taking in antioxidants – now that’s the kind of bonus we all want. Putting the fun back into smoking, Tuah Husk offers a healthier alternative. We provide shisha with no tobacco. Our delicious flavours are formulated to produce clouds of flavorful smoke, with no tar or carcinogens.

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Enjoy a perfect shisha experience at Tuah`s exclusive terrace lounge in London.

If you are interested in seeing the extensive selection of shisha flavours and products check out our online available flavours. For more information view our online blog section for additional articles.

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