Top 6 Shisha Flavours For Lounges In 2022

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Shisha is an emerging modern trend. Along with the trend, many flavours of shisha were being introduced. Many sellers claim that the shisha flavours they are supplying to lounges are the best. However, we can never achieve perfection. The goodness of the Shisha flavours depends upon their quality and the products used to make them. Meanwhile, our focus will be on the top shisha flavours present on our page in this article. Here is the Buying Guide for lounges to pick up the best flavour so you can gain customers at your lounges.

Bubble Gum - Best Selling

Everybody loves the taste of bubble gum shisha, and it’s one of their favourite flavours. To create a bubble gum flavour of shisha, Tuah Australia has carefully recreated the original taste. Nevertheless, even though tobacco is a natural product with a bitter taste, it can easily match the sweetness of bubble gum, as the taste does not linger in the mouth after it has been smoked. Yet, even though it’s packed with flavour and essence, this shisha is an absolute pleasure. Bubble Gum shisha is our best-selling flavour that will take you back to your childhood.

Triple Apple

A triple apple is distinctive for its strong aroma and flavour, comparable to a shisha king. This shisha has an incomparable aroma, created from extra smooth tobacco and crisp apples. It’s hard to beat fruit flavours when transmitting a delicate, pleasing scent. Everyone enjoys and cherishes triple apples, whether newbies or seasoned veterans. This flavour creates thick taste clouds as if flooding your mouth with nectar. Despite being an excellent stand-alone flavour, this flavour also works well in conjunction with any other flavours.


The refreshing properties of mint are complemented by shisha relaxing properties. When you enjoy our mint hookah, your brain will get a much-needed refreshment. Mint shisha has been introduced to spread freshness for your whole body and mind. Although you shouldn’t limit yourself to any one type of blend, you should be willing to experiment with a variety. This specially formulated Mint shisha flavour is suitable for alone smoking to give you that all-encompassing incredible, refreshing flavour and aroma. On the other hand, you can also combine this flavour with any flavour that suits your fancy. Indeed, you will crave this kind of taste if you have a menthol pop, and there is no denying that it will become one of your favourites in no time at all. Since one of the ingredients is menthol mint, you will feel like your mouth will tingle when you use this, so there is no burnt tobacco taste in your mouth.


The most unique and unmatched flavour is grape. To revive the sweet-sour taste of the fruit in any season, join us at our shisha lounge. Where suppliers are supplying to lounges the grape flavours shisha, we have introduced our flavour of grape. A smooth, sweet taste reminds you of drinking grape juice, and you’ll feel as though you’re swallowing grapes whole. A blend of fine red and green grapes may also often be added to tobacco to enhance its flavour. When you inhale, you will feel a burst of excellent, refreshing grape entering your body, followed by a feeling of relaxation and calm. As a result, you will find that each puff will leave you with a smooth finish, similar to what you obtain from exhaling the Shisha flavour.


Unique flavours of shisha have been introduced often. However, you must experiment with the new flavours instead of sticking to only one. Rose flavour shisha is the most loveable one. You can count on it for a good mood. It will not only freshen up your mood but will also bring peace to your mind. You’ll be surprised how you ever survived without the fantastic taste of pink roses after trying it for the first time. It was delightful to feel fresh and relaxed at the same time due to the combination of blossoms of the various flowers. Additionally, the smoking session leaves a magical scent in the room, significantly when the session is prolonged for a more extended period. A solid’s taste and aroma can be rejuvenating, refreshing, and relaxing, without a doubt.


Mangoes are among the world’s most popular fruits. Nevertheless, mangoes are not generally available throughout the year. Therefore, if you want to enjoy mango’s continued freshness and taste, we encourage you to visit our lounge. We provide you with a very tropical vacation experience with every savour of our delicious mango shisha. With this top-of-the-line flavour, you feel as if you are tasting a delicious fruit. Unlike many flavours such as citrus and seasoned flavours, mango is enhanced by an excellent dense smoke. Mango flavour leaves your mouth with a marginally zesty taste packed with a smashing season punch. Since mango has a distinctive flavour, it should come as no surprise that many hookah smokers prefer it.


You may choose shisha flavours based merely on your personal preferences. We have selected our top three flavours out of the diverse range of tastes. You can also choose contrasting flavours for your shisha. By contrast, we make our flavours with fresh ingredients rather than supplying to lounges.

Our high-quality shisha allows you to enjoy it only in certain locations that are verified by us.

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