Shisha Flavours 150g

Husk Shisha Flavours

Tuah Australia, as a leading Australian supplier of hookah and shisha, helps customers discover the world of shisha flavours. In addition to our top quality hookah tobacco, House of Shisha is proud to offer a selection of flavors in our signature husk flavoured. These options are also great for customers who are new to shisha smoking as we offer all shisha tobacco flavors that you love, without the Harsh of the tobacco.

Each of our flavors is a blend of select natural herbs, which go through finely cutting and soaking processes, allowing them to be used in herbal shisha products. Tuah Shisha provides quality herbal products give a powerful smoking experience. As a result, our shisha husk is juicy and flavourful while still producing thick clouds of smoke. It’s so good that customers who use it come back for more.

We have eleven flavors available in two kinds of packaging. All tuah herbal flavors are manufactured from corn husk and provide a great alternative to shisha flavors to smoke with your hookah set up.

Our shisha flavours last longer than most other brands. It’s strong in flavour and high in quality, creating plumes of smoke –

not only ensuring it tastes like a traditional shisha tobacco flavour, but also making it feel like one.

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