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Experience exotic, delicious flavors of our premium shisha tobacco. For the ultimate smoking experience, smoke it in a high-quality hookah.

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I was celebrating with friends, partying at the Marrakech Cocktail Bar, a club owned by a friend of mine, in Melbourne CBD. We were all laughing and having a wonderful time. I was about to experience my very first Shisha – it was unlike anything I had experienced before. It was magical, exotic, and yes spiritual.

That New Year’s Eve, while partying with my friends, I had an epiphany. It was almost like the Shisha smoke released my imagination. Ideas and plans blended with the plumes of smoke. I knew what I was supposed to do with my life. As 2Pac said, he didn’t choose the life. The life chose him. And the rest is history.

Established in 2011,Tuah Australia, trading as Tuah Trading Pty Ltd, is Southeast Asia’s leading supplier of alternative shisha tobacco flavours. Because we produce the finest range of organic, 100% natural, flavours, we are becoming the preferred supplier to discerning Western buyers, with our strongest customer-base being Europe, Australia and East Asia. Tuah Trading Pty Ltd hold the rights to Tuah flavor, being the worldwide exclusive supplier. And this exclusivity is opening business opportunities for those wise enough to cease them–how?


We are expanding; in every region and in every way and are currently looking for distributors in each region.

Tuah Australia

Shisha that brings people together

Positivity. Respect. Shisha

These energies are, I believe, present in my Tuah flavours and are passed on to my customers.

Tuah product is made from husk. Naturally and sustainably resourced; again, positive energy.

I believe that, when you order your shisha from Tuah, when you alight the coals and draw in the perfumed smoke through the hookah, you will taste more than just delicious flavors and exotic aromas. I believe you will also be taken on your own spiritual journey – and maybe even have a personal epiphany – your spiritual journey is waiting.

As we have said, Tuah husk is an organic product; made from husk. In fact, Tuah is the first shisha in the world made from husk, a completely sustainable and renewable raw product. not only are we supporting a 100% natural product, we are also supporting the organic industry.

The Healthy Shisha Alternative

Tuah is a Shisha that offers a unique quality of flavour to keep you smoking longer. From fruity to refreshing, our flavours will blow your mind.

We believe that the shisha experience can be as much about socialising as it is about smoking. We craft the finest flavours, with the thickest smoke and the smoothest throat hit.

There are many good reasons to switch from traditional shisha. Not only is Tuah 100% tobacco-free, it’s also bio-active. As a result, it’s smoother than ordinary shisha, contains no tobacco, has no tar, and makes smoking more enjoyable than ever before.

By using husk to create our Tuah Shisha Flavour, we are proud to be completely tobacco-free.

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