Peach Shisha Flavour


Peach Shisha Flavour

That’s why we’re so confident in our new peach shisha flavour. With the perfect mix of exotic fruits and chamomile, you can sit back, relax, and imagine you’re visiting the Festival markets of Cairo.

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Peach Shisha Flavour

Here are just some of the ways your experience has been enriched:

  • Our new, less pasty consistency makes removing the shisha from the packet and into your Hookah bowl much easier.
  • Mix the liquid from the bottom up to have a more flavorful impact before you pack the bowl.
  • Our shisha flavour lasts longer than most other brands. It’s strong in flavour and high in quality; these qualities make it last longer than most other brands.
  • Being less sticky, it will take less time to prepare your Hookah & more time to enjoy the experience!
  • Tuah shisha flavour also create more impressive plumes of smoke – not only adding to the overall romance of the experience, but also making it feel even more like a traditional shisha tobacco flavour.



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