Monkey Flora 2.0 Hookah

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Monkey Flora 2.0: A robust 60cm hookah with a complete setup, featuring a 4-way connector for multiple hoses. Designed for durability and enhanced flavor capacity.

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What sets Monkey Flora 2.0 apart?

The Monkey Flora 2.0 is a robust at 60cm pipe, delivering a complete smoking setup to your home or hookah lounge.


Why should I purchase this hookah ?

It is for those that likes a good blend of durability and aesthetics, earning it a spot as a favorite for those who appreciate beauty without the concern of easily breaking it.


What additional uses does it offer?

It serves as an attractive decorative piece for your hookah lounge or room, enhancing the visual appeal of any space because of how it replicates the oceans in a wavy sensation.


When did its creation take place?

The inception of Monkey Flora 2.0 occurred in 2020, amidst the unfolding pandemic.


How does its design stand out?

It’s features a durable construction with a unique blue ocean design on the glass base, an extra 2mm glass thickness with an optimized shape that enables the smoke to travel in a perfect circular motion.


Can the  Monkey 2.0 support group smoking sessions?

Yes, because the 4-way hose connector system allows for multiple users or smokers, allowing you and your friends to comfortably enjoy and share the experiences, much like the Black Huracan.

Weight 6.25 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 38 cm

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