Monkey Flora 1.0 Hookah

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Monkey Flora 1.0: Stand tall at 60.5cm with a luxurious style and a full setup. This 4-hose hookah, equipped with a four-hose valve, promises unparalleled smoking enjoyment.

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What sets this model apart as a premium smoking device?

Monkey Flora 1.0 elevates your smoking experience with its luxurious style and unparalleled functionality. Standing tall at 60.5cm, it combines a full setup and a four-hose valve system, ensuring a smooth, communal smoking session every time. Other selection of hookahs can be found here.


How does the design enhance my smoking experience?

This model features a high-quality, heavy glass vase with a unique design that not only serves as a perfect centerpiece but also ensures a stable and enjoyable smoking experience. The sleek, stylish pipe, compatible with four hose connectors, allows you to share the moment with friends easily.


Is this hookah suitable for group sessions?

Absolutely. Designed with social gatherings in mind, it includes a four-hose connector system, allowing multiple people to enjoy a session together seamlessly. It’s perfect for creating memorable moments with your mates.


What makes the vase design so special?

The vase of this hookah is not just functional; its high-quality, heavy glass construction and unique design make it stylish enough to serve as a standalone decoration.


Can I use this hookah for both smoking and home decor?

Yes, you can enjoy the dual benefits of a superior smoking device and an exquisite piece of home decor. Its stylish vase and sleek overall design make it a beautiful addition to any space, even when not in use.


Why should I choose this hookah for my next purchase?

Opting for this hookah would mean choosing quality, style, and convenience. Its luxurious design, coupled with a four-hose system, makes it ideal for both solo relaxation and social smoking sessions, promising an unmatched smoking experience.


How does this hookah compare with traditional ones?

Monkey Flora 1.0 redefines traditional hookah smoking with its modern design, focusing on a clean, communal experience. The unique vase and efficient hose system set it apart, offering a blend of aesthetic appeal and practicality.


How can I acquire this hookah?

To incorporate the perfect blend of style and smoking pleasure into your life, simply visit our website and select Monkey Flora 1.0. With just a few clicks, you can elevate your smoking sessions and your home’s aesthetic appeal.

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Dimensions 30 × 30 × 38 cm