Mango Shisha Flavour 1kg

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  • Light and sweet mango taste
  • reminiscent of Mango Lassi
  • Fruity sensation with an exotic and tangy twist
  • 1kg package for extended enjoyment

Immerse yourself in the exotic world of our Mango Flavour 1kg. This flavour is a marvellous creation, offering the delightful taste of Mango Lassi fused with a gentle tobacco flavour. It’s the ideal choice for a summer session, bringing a fruity sensation and a tropical touch that leaves you longing for more.

  • Perfect Summer Vape: The Mango Flavour is refreshing, making it ideal for warm days.
  • Fruity and Tangy: Experience the unique blend of sweet mango with a zesty edge.
  • Breathless for More: Each session promises a delightful journey that beckons you back.

Here are just some of the ways your experience has been enriched:

  • Mix the liquid from the bottom up to have a more flavorful impact before you pack the bowl.
  • Our flavour should be packed tightly, not loosely or fluffy.
  • Our flavour lasts longer than most other brands. It’s strong in flavour and high in quality; these qualities make it last longer than most other brands.
  • Use just two coals or 2.5 coals for optimum heat to prevent burning the flavour, which will make the less flavorful and can make it taste bad.
  • Tuah flavours also create more impressive plumes of smoke – not only adding to the overall romance of the experience, but also making it feel even more like a traditional tobacco flavour.




Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 17 × 5.5 × 10 cm


1 review for Mango Shisha Flavour 1kg


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    Dylan K

    Great customer service and great flavours.

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