Black Huracan Hookah


BLACK HURACAN: A 58cm luxurious black metallic finish hookah with gold detailing, offering a full setup and 4 hose connectors for a communal smoking experience. Elegance and function in harmony.

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What sets the Black Huracan apart from other hookahs?

The Black Huracan redefines elegance in hookah design. Standing at 58cm, its luxurious black metallic finish and exquisite gold detailing set a new standard. The sleek Huracan patterns on the shaft add a touch of sophistication, making it a standout piece for any setting. Other hookah collection can also be found here.


How does the design enhance the smoking experience?

Designed with both aesthetics and functionality in mind, it offers a visually stunning experience that complements its superior smoking performance. The meticulous design ensures smooth, flavorful smoke in every session, making it a pleasure for both the eyes and the palate.


Can multiple people smoke the black huracan at once?

Absolutely. It comes equipped with four hose connectors, allowing for a communal smoking experience without compromising on comfort or flavor. It’s perfect for gatherings, ensuring everyone can join in and enjoy the moment together.


What makes it a luxurious choice?

The luxury lies in its details: a harmonious blend of a sleek metallic finish with elegant gold accents and the functional beauty of its Huracan-inspired shaft designs. This hookah doesn’t just serve its purpose; it does so with unmatched style and grace.


Is the Black Huracan suitable for home use?

Yes. This pipe is designed for the utmost comfort and convenience of home use. Whether you’re looking to unwind alone or host friends, its full setup and ease of use make it an ideal addition to your home leisure collection.


Why should I choose this pipe?

If you value craftsmanship, style, and a shared smoking experience, the Black Huracan is for you. It combines aesthetic appeal with functional excellence, offering a luxurious smoking experience that’s hard to match. It’s more than a hookah; it’s a statement piece.


How does this differ from traditional hookahs?

It stands out with its modern design, featuring a black metallic finish with gold detailing and Huracan patterns. Unlike traditional hookahs, it offers a blend of contemporary aesthetics with the practicality of accommodating multiple smokers simultaneously, setting a new benchmark for luxury and inclusivity in smoking accessories.


How can I acquire this product?

Embrace the epitome of luxury and sophistication by adding this to your collection. For a seamless experience, visit our website, select the Black Huracan, and let us take care of the rest. Elevate your smoking sessions to an art form with the Black Huracan.

Weight 6.2 kg
Dimensions 41 × 35 × 30 cm

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