Hookah Shisha Flavours

Buy a variety of hookah shisha flavours to suit your taste at Tuah Herbal – Australia’s leading online store for hookah shisha flavours.

“Shisha” is the traditional name for flavoured tobacco smoked in hookah pipes.  Tuah Herbal is made from corn husk and is the first SHISHA in the world created from this organic product.

Our Non-Sticky Shisha has a longer-lasting flavour. They have a longer burn-time due to the less gluey texture quality; the burn is more consistent and will smoke for between 45min and an hour. This also means it will take less time to prepare your Hookah & more time to enjoy the experience!

They can be delivered across Australia. Customer service is our top priority. If any issues, you can contact us. This is a safe site so you can  BUY WITH CONFIDENCE.

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