Let’s Get Together and Blow Some Smoke: Hosting a Shisha Party at Home and Creating Memories

The Ultimate Guide to Hosting a Shisha Party at Home 2023

Are you exhausted after a long week of hectic work? At a time like this getting together with friends and blowing your stress away seems like the perfect getaway idea. Read this article for fun ideas to host a shisha party at home and create good memories.

These days, especially among teenagers, the Shisha party has become an ever-growing trend. Many people prefer to visit a shisha lounge to hang out with friends, have a great and relaxed time, and just enjoy the vibe of the place. A shisha lounge is all about dimmed, soft lights, soft yet electronic music, and tons of flavors of shisha hookah.

Although going to a shisha nightclub is a good option, it can be expensive and will weigh on your pocket. A better option, however, can be to bring the shisha party to the comfort of your home. Hosting a shisha party at home will not only allow you to smoke how and what you want but will also give you the freedom to glide around and create your vibe. Thus, you can have the best of both worlds.

Follow this article to get your hands on the perfect shisha party ideas in terms of décor, ambiance, shisha flavors, accessories, and all that you need to know to host a memorable shisha party right at your home.

Finding the ideal location for your shisha sessions

Now that you have decided on hosting a shisha party at your home, you can not just go about and fill your entire home with shisha lounge décor and successfully create the party vibe. Also, arranging it indoors may not be the right choice, since with all the smoke it can become a bit dense to breathe and smoke can leave a lingering odor on your furniture and carpets, which may cause them to stick onto the material of your furniture.

However, if you do have a hall room or a basement with a good ventilation system, then you can have much room for mobility as well as puffing hookah. You can also arrange it in your backyard, where you would not have to worry about ventilation and the space would be ample to even start a bonfire.

Creating the lounge atmosphere of a shisha bar

A shisha party is not only about smoking hookah but it is the shisha lounge atmosphere and the side activities that get you all hyped up.

Decide a theme:

After locating your perfect indoor/outdoor spot, like every party you have to decide on a theme to consistently pull all your décor, lighting, and music choice together.

You can choose from a variety of themes, such as the Arabian Nights, Mediterranean, Hippie, Modern, or even something classy and historic which takes you back to the time when shisha was first introduced. Here we have shared a couple of similar themes which with all their décor shout shisha party. 

  • Middle Eastern themed:

Shisha has its origin in cultural traditions and royal celebrations of the East. Thus, an excellent way to build ambiance would be to introduce an exotic theme of a middle eastern café. For this, you can feature regional cuisines like falafel, hummus, pita, kebabs, and dates. To complement the food, you can also offer drinks like Turkish coffee, Kahwa, and mint tea.

  • Tea party themed:

Another outstanding concept can be based on an exotic tea party theme for your shisha party at home. With tea on the side, you can have several exquisite and fine blends like spiced chai or citrus tea which can be incorporated to keep you hydrated while smoking. You can also serve some snacks along with tea like donuts, sandwiches, and toast for food cravers.

Adorn your shisha party with decorations to create an unforgettable mood

While at home, just pulling together chairs and sofas would not do much to create the right feels for the shisha party. For this, you will have to decorate your party spot to make it look enticing and engaging.

When it comes to seating, comfort has to be kept in mind. You can not let your guests hang around and struggle to find a comfy corner to smoke. Floor seating is always a good idea since it is not only simple but cozy, comfortable, and relaxing. So, for this, you can deck large, soft cushions, wool rugs, bean bags, and short-legged low tables. However, make sure that you follow the dark theme while setting these up.

Additionally, for a more realistic touch, you can place intricate, jewel-colored antiques, designed walls, and vaulted ceilings. To create a shadowy setting and a dark mood you can place lamps and disc lights or even glass lanterns with flickering lights. You can also light scented candles with soft husky aromas.

However, for a more modern effect, you can go with vibrant lighting using LED lights or lava lamps. Fluorescent lighting should be avoided in all cases because a shisha party is all about dark rooms and accent lights.

Music is the life of every party and so matching the music to your theme is important. Choosing music without words like instrumental music would be a good option when hosting a shisha party at home. This way your guests would not be concerned with listening to vocals, instead they will focus on spending quality time together and it will also encourage communication among them.

Best Shisha Party Ideas to Try Out:

With the above-mentioned themes, you can have shisha as your focal point of the entire party. However, having shisha as the star of the show does not have to be limited to such get-togethers. You can also introduce it at multiple events of your close friends and family. Here we have jotted down some of the best shisha party ideas for your upcoming shisha party at home.

Shisha costume party

For adults, it is not like they always get a chance to play dress up and live the day as their favorite character. So, if you ask your friends to wear a costume according to the theme, it will spice up your shisha party. You can even select separate dress codes according to their gender or follow any upcoming historic or national event. Having everyone in costumes will also bring your theme to life and guests will have a chance to bond over their favorite shisha flavors.

Shisha campfire party

Remember when we gave you the idea of having a shisha party in your backyard? What better way to top off your shisha party than by lighting a campfire? Smoking shisha while listening to upbeat music and sitting in the bonfire lighting will create just the right ambiance for your party. Shisha hookah will provide you the warmth you need inside, while the campfire will do the job on the outside – a perfect combination for your evening.

Shisha birthday party

Having shisha and featuring the relevant exotic themes at your birthday party would make it the talk of the town for a very long time and for all the good reasons. These days, every other birthday party is showered with colors and might not go with the taste of everyone, especially the mature generation. Sticking with such a unique idea, with your favorite shisha flavors right at your home, will turn into a fun and memorable experience both for the host and the guests.

Shisha pool party

There is no better way to take in the flavored shisha puffs, scented aromas, and dark atmosphere of the shisha party than by relaxing by your poolside. Pool parties are different even on their own and when you combine the idea with that of a shisha party then you will be guaranteed a real humdinger. So, do not sleep on the idea of inviting all your friends to the pool and enjoying with drinks in one hand and hookah in the other.

Getting shisha accessories for your house party:

With shisha being the star of the party, there are some essential accessories that you will be needing at the bare minimum to host a shisha party at home.

First and foremost, you will be needing a large coal holder to safely move around with large quantities of hot coal. Apart from the hookahs themselves, to ensure cleanliness, it is better to buy disposable hoses along with mouth tips. Buying them in bulk would not cost you and you will be free from the hassle of cleaning them later on. Thus, having a large quantity of them at hand would be a hygienic option.

Furthermore, you can also use a fork and gloves to pack shisha for guests which will keep their hands and the environment clean. As far as the bowls are concerned, clay bowls are the best in terms of the overall smoking experience.

To ease your preparation workload and save yourself from rummaging through shops for the best quality accessories, you can simply select and ship them from Tuah Shisha Australia. Here you will be provided the comfort to enjoy the exquisite shisha flavors right at your doorstep and wholesale supplies of unique shisha hookah accessories to save you from embarrassment in front of your friends.  

Moreover, here you are sure to find all the husk shisha flavors from the single-flavor mint to the double-flavor apple, along with the most premium tastes of shisha, with succulent fruit, fresh mint, and dessert flavors.


As you can see, there is no set formula for throwing a hookah party. However, with the help of this article and your own added flare, we can assure you that your party will be unforgettable. With the ideas above, you can easily bring the shisha lounge to your home and spend an unforgettable time with your friends and family.

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