Shipping from australia to new zealand

Welcome to Tuah Australia. A brand that has shined upon our customers from all over the world including New Zealand.

Shipping from Australia to New Zealand is pretty easy to navigate. Here are all the details you need to know about how we ship our husk-based tobacco shisha to your location.

If you need more information on estimated duty and tax inquiries, just whatsapp us and we will be there with any helpful and latest information to get your items ready to be delivered.

the process goes like this

Processing time

For international deliveries, we will contact you on it and guide you all the way. Min. of 3 days is required.

starting point

Its starts from Port Melbourne VIC 3207, Australia.

Express shipping

For international express deliveries, you can inquire us about this and we will help you.

what else we can help you with?

custom clearance

New Zealand requires all necessary documents to clear customs. Don't worry about it we will handle that for you all the way.

tracking parcel is provided

Your package is inclusive of your necessary live tracking links that goes around the clock 24 hours a day.

Our shipping partner


What do you need to do ?

Chill and smile

Don't stress about it. All you have to do is just visit our online shop, buy the products, sit back, relax and we will do the rest.

what if i need help?

Call us anytime via our whatsapp link if there are issues or questions that you might have. We are always there to assist you.