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How to Smoke Shisha for the First Time

You’ve probably seen images of people smoking shisha, looking relaxed, smoking some exotic smoke from a tube, connected to a device that could have come from a movie set. And you may have thought “that looks awesome!” but it seemed to complex to try yourself.

Today’s topic is focused on how to Smoke Shisha for the First Time – and enjoy the Hookah Experience 😉

First-things-first; a bit of terminology. Shisha is the tobacco. At Tuah Australia we supply only the best husk, Shisha Flavours.

The Hookah is the instrument used to smoke your shisha. It’s often the setup of the Hookah which frightens people. Today we will teach you how to smoke shisha first time as a beginner. We are going to take away the mystery & make your Hookah Experience positive.

Setting up your Hookah.

  1. Remove the Stem (metal tube) from the vase (water tank).
  2. Pour water into the vase. Return the Stem, ensuing it is 1 to 1.5cm submerged in the water.
  1. Select your favorite Shisha flavour and fill the Shisha bowl, making sure not to over fill.
  2. Place your Heat Management Device (HMD) onto the bowl, choosing your HMD fits perfectly placed on your Shisha bowl.
Making sure not to over fill
Place your Heat Management Device (HMD) onto the bowl
  1. Take your Shisha Charcoal, place on the Charcoal Hot Plate, three pieces is more than enough, wait until you see the embers are red-hot.

  2. Once the Shisha Charcoals are red-hot, move to the Heat Management Device and allow the embers to heat up the Shisha head bowl, thus releasing the flavour and aroma.

See the embers are red-hot

Shisha Charcoals are red-hot, move to the Heat Management Device

Once the Shisha bowl has had time to heat up, your Hookah experience can begin.

While all Hookah’s perform in the same way, there are two main types of Shisha Bowls. Funnel & Egyptian. Below are links to our Youtube Channel demonstrating the difference between a Shisha Funnel Bowl & a Shisha Egyptian Bowl:

At Tuah Australia, we have a range of Hookahs for sale, as well as, shisha pipes, charcoal burners, and of course quality shisha, all designed to help make your shisha experience amazing. 

How to smoke Shisha for the First Time.

The quality of your Shisha is vital. Stale or poor-quality shisha equals an unpleasant taste. Here at Tuah Australia, our Shisha is vacuum packed, ensuring with the correct storage, you’ll have fresh and tasty shisha for your next Hookah party.

Tips for ensuring a successful Hookah experience.

Use Ice and Cold water – The colder the water, the fresher the experience. 

Fresh Tobacco is Key – “fresh is best” is just as true for shisha. Tuah Australia has a variety of Shisha flavours ensuring you an amazing shisha experience. 

Blow Some Air into the Pipe – Smoke gets trapped inside and if not replaced can become stale. 

Hookah Pipes – You must always use quality hookah pipes

Just Use Enough Tobacco – don’t put too much. 

Go for Natural Coal – For a fresher natural taste, always go for natural coal. You’ll find our Tuah Coals for sale in the Products section.

Replace the Water – Always use fresh water for every new session. 

Hookahs Should Taste Great – As you inhale, the sensation should be cool and calming, with your body feeling relaxed. 

For more detailed information on how to ensure you get the most from your Shisha go to our blog How to Enjoy your Hookah every time.

Don’t be daunted by the prospect of setting up your first hookah or your first shisha experience. Follow the steps and remember, at Tuah Australia, we are here to help, which is why we started our one-on-one booking service and the online tutorials.

When it comes to Shisha and Hookah, be it product or service, with Tuah Australia, you’re set.

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