How to Do Shisha Smoke Tricks

Almost everyone has seen vape smokers produce amazing smoke shapes of large and small circles, plumes of rings within rings, and so much more. Watching them ply their skills is mesmerising.

Many of us have mused at these incredible smoking shape-skills, but how exactly does one learn to make smoke rings? Well, the great news is, as a Shisha smoker, you too can recreate this. With a little practise, not only will you be enjoying the relaxing effect that comes with Shisha smoking, you’ll also be successfully mastering the various techniques of the almost hypnotic power of smoke shapes.

What is Shisha Smoking

Shisha smoking can be an individual or group/party activity. Users breathe in smoke through a mouthpiece and hose that connects to a bowl of tobacco, which can be in many flavours such as, mint, apple, watermelon, strawberry. Sometimes Shisha smokers like to add fruit to enhance the flavour sensation, for example watermelon shisha with a piece of watermelon. The tobacco is heated using wood, charcoal, or coal, resulting in the production of smoke.

Enjoying Shisha, also known as hookah, arguile, water pipe, and other lesser-known names, has become a popular pastime with smoking enthusiasts and new experience seekers alike. Sessions can run for several hours, especially if the Shisha is of a higher quality, thus sustaining its freshness and flavour for longer.

The Popularity of Shisha

Shisha has increased in popularity globally. From the Middle East, through to Europe, Asia, and Australia, as people, both young and old, are trying this unique way of smoking. For many, smoking through a Hookah pipe is an exciting new undertaking, conjuring images of Arabian Nights and stimulating one’s mind. What makes Shisha smoking additionally thrilling, is not just the sensation of smoking, but also the are enjoyment of conquering the skill of Shisha smoke tricks

If you’re planning to smoke Shisha for the first time, this post will be helpful. If you regularly partake in Shisha sessions and want to enhance your enjoyment, this post will equally beneficial.

Shisha Smoke Tricks

People have been creating smoke rings for almost as long as they’ve been smoking. It’s an enjoyable and relaxing pastime, and it has the added benefit impressing onlookers.

Making your first successful smoke ring can be challenging, however, with a little practice, mixed with patience, you can be a master-smoke-ringer blower soon enough. To help the newbies, and those who have tried but failed in the past, we are going to share a few technique secrets to help you master this skill-set. After that, it’s just practice and patience. 😉

Before attempting to create smoke rings, you need to be in a still environment, no wind, or fans, no moving air. While it is possible to create smoke rings when there’s a breeze, to begin with, you need to master controlling your smoke, and air movement will make it harder grasp the technique. Once you have the ideal location, follow the steps below to create your first Shisha smoke ring.

How to blow smoke rings

Take your time. The instructions are simple, but the technique takes patience.

1. Inhale smoke from your Shisha pipe.

2. Keep your tongue at the bottom of your mouth.

3. Carefully form your lips into a round ‘O’ shape. Tuck your lips in to form the rings. Shape your lips like you are sucking a lollipop.

4. In a short pulsing motion, push a small amount of smoke from your mouth using your tongue or by doing short breaths.

5. You can also try tapping your cheek to let the smoke out.

6. Slightly jut your jaw forward to smoke more rings faster.

7. Try curling your lips as the smoke leaves your mouth to make better-looking rings.

Note: the size of your smoke rings depends on how you shape your mouth. Avoid puckering your lips. Instead, flatten them against your teeth to create circles. Learn how to blow smoke rings in our detail guide.  

How to do double or triple smoke rings

Once you’ve mastered making “O” rings, double or triple rings will be easier. Here’s how:

1. To make double rings, place a finger over your mouth.

2. Press and pull down slightly on the top lip to split the mouth’s opening into two sections.  

3. To make triple rings, use two fingers to split your lips before you exhale the smoke.

How to do triangle smoke tricks

Bored with making “O” rings? Why not try making triangles? Here’s how to do it:

1. Before you can start doing other shapes, master making O rings first.

2. Blow a thick O ring.

3. Quickly reach out to the ring and tap down twice on each side to form a triangle.

4. Creating triangles needs good timing and precision.

As you practice how to do Shisha smoke tricks, experiment with forming different shapes. You can even get together with a group of friends to practice.  A bit of friendly rivalry, combined with encouragement, is often ideal when learning new skills.

Another option is to use a mirror when forming the shapes with your lips. It’s also an ideal way to prefect your controlled breathing, while practicing various shapes and tricks.

Like with everything in life, practice does make perfect, however with Shisha smoking, the tricks and rings only enhance an already enjoyable and relaxing activity.

If you’re interest has been piqued but you want to know more,  check out our how to buy Shisha guide, and, as always, feel free to call on our friendly Tuah Australia Team for help or advice.

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