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HOW TO BUY A SHISHA- Full Guide 2021

When it comes to buying good shisha, the very first thing you need is a reputable supplier – which is what you get with Tuah Australia. Our shisha is 100% husk based. 

But don’t worry, husk doesn’t mean less enjoyment. Many regular Tobacco smokers, who have tried our Tuah Shisha, have been amazed at how smooth, and authentic, the experience is, comparing the quality and texture of our husk-based Shisha to that of smoking Tobacco flavours. And because our product has a similar burn-time to traditional tobacco shisha, but is less expensive, many AL-Fakher smokers are now Tuah Shisha converts!

Why are Tobacco reviewers raving about our Shisha? Because we have created a product with intense and authentic flavours. Superior shisha has a pleasant aroma. Our Shisha is always fresh, and vacuum packed to ensure the Shisha Flavours remain deliciously fragrant.


Tuah Shisha has more than 25,000 satisfied customers, all saying the same thing, our Shisha Flavours are amazing. Our flavour selection is extensive, and we encourage our customers to try as many as they’d like, however, there are some true “customer favourites” we know you’ll love.

Let’s start with Shisha Apple. 

Everyone loves the smell of a crisp apple, and with Tuah Australia you have a choice, Shisha Apple Flavour or, for those who really love apple, Shisha Double Apple. Our Shisha Double Apple is like our Tuah Shisha Apple, but more intense.

Other popular fruit flavours are:

  • Shisha Mint
  • Shisha Grape
  • Shisha Watermelon
  • Shisha Strawberry
  • Shisha Mango
  • Shisha Bubblegum

Many of our regulars like to mix it up. Shisha Grape and Shisha Mint for example, or Shisha Strawberry and Shisha Apple. But one of our most popular flavours is Shisha Bubblegum. Customers have described the flavour sensation as though they were chewing on actual bubblegum, only better because our Shisha Bubblegum Flavour lasts for hours! 


Many of our regular customers were once first-time smokers. And it can be daunting, not knowing which flavours to buy, or how to set up your Hookah. At Tuah Australia we believe in our product and our service.

We also offer online assistance, including booking one of our Team to assist you. 


When it comes to choosing a flavour for the first time we recommend, you try at least one of our five most popular flavours:

  1. Shisha Apple Flavour
  2. Shisha Mint Flavour 
  3. Shisha Grape Flavour
  4. Shisha Strawberry Flavour 
  5. Shisha Mango Flavour

Whether you choose Shisha Mango, Shisha Strawberry, Shisha Mint, or any of our flavours, you can be certain of quality and taste. That same quality and taste is why so many Al-Fakher users love our product, and also why so many more are converting every day 😉

Ordering online is Easy. Pick the option that best suits your needs 1, 2 or 3!

  1. Order online and we ship the next business day (with 247 tracking links) 
  2. Local Pick-up option on check out for Victorian buyers. 
  3. Use our link for store appointment required for local pick up. CLICK HERE!

HOW TO BUY A SHISHA – the most important aspect.

Buying Tuah Shisha is safe. We are accredited and cleared by Customs. Our product has been thoroughly tested and is both delicious and long lasting; and as we’re an Australian Company, with our Head Office in Melbourne and locations throughout Australia. 

  • You don’t have to concern yourself with where your product is coming from. 
  • You don’t have to worry about a Customs declaration and Import Duty fees or Customs Clearance issues 

All you need to do is pick a flavour and enjoy!

Tuah Australia – We pride ourselves on our service, and our quality product, and our daily growing customer base agrees 😊

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