How To Blow Smoke Rings

How To Blow Smoke Rings: Easy Way To Learn Making O’s circles

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Smoking shisha is the trend of the day. Almost every bar in Australia offers you hookah and shisha. In addition, there are several bars made for only shisha and hookah smoking. However, one of the everyday things we can see at the bars is Smoke rings. Smoking rings is not a new thing, and it has been going on for centuries, but now it has more popularity. A blowing smoke circle may be impressive, but it is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you are a newbie or want to learn how to blow smoke rings, stick to the end of the article.

What Is A Smoke Ring?

If you do not know what smoke ringlets are, let’s discuss it first. Smoke rings are created when smoke is suddenly injected into clear air from a narrow opening, causing it to fill with smoke.

How To Blow Smoke Rings?

The subsequent instructions will show you how to blow smoke rings at your next hookah session. Step 1: Take a mouthful of smoke from the hookah or shisha. Remember not to inhale it because it can cause choking if you are a newbie. Make sure you use our shisha flavour for thicker smoke. Step 2: While dragging your tongue toward the back of your mouth, keep it pointed toward the bottom. Smoke will not enter your mouth this way. Step 3:  Forming a circle with the cheeks as you eat a vanilla lollipop is an excellent way to do it. You can do that by opening your mouth backward. Step 4: To make Os, make your mouth shape, and O. Blow a smoke ring with your lower jaw forward. When you click your jaws together, you should produce a short burst of air as well as a smoke ring in the air. Step 5: Expel a small amount of smoke by pushing air through your lips as you contract your glottis. As you force that little bit of air out of your mouth, keep your lips still.

Beginner's Guide To Make Smoke Rings

If you are smoking for the first time and having a hard time making smoke rings, this trick is for you.

  • You should collect smoke in your mouth, but you shouldn’t inhale it.
  • It would help if you created a small “o” shape by squeezing your lips together.
  • Using your tongue and mouth, slowly and steadily blow out a little smoke with a flick or tap of the cheek. There will be a mini-ring for every flick of the cheek you perform.
  • Make sure you do this in a steady stream while taking a short break in between.
  • While curled up back toward your throat, let your tongue tip rest on the bottom of your mouth while gently resting on it.
  • It would help if you quickly pushed the smoke out of your mouth with your flat tongue surface. Hold the upside-down “U” with your tongue and pull your tongue along the bottom of your mouth.

This method of producing rings is not ideal because they are small and do not last very long but are still very easy to create.

Cheat Code For You

If you want to look savage and impress someone by making rings, you can consider this shortcut. You can use a cellophane wrapper here. By burning and making a hole in it, you can blow the gathered smoke in your mouth through it. You will get effortless and perfect hookah smoke rings.

Tips to Blowing Smoke Rings

Backspin smoke rings

You can do this extraordinary technique not by pushing your jaw forward but rather by moving it upward. The smoke ring will have a back and be kept in place through this. Just as you feel the smoke leaving your mouth, begin extending your tongue forward and straightening your jaw as you think the smoke is going through your mouth. To clear smoke from your mouth, you should keep your tongue at the bottom and utilise its wide middle part to move the smoke out of your mouth before bringing your jaw up gently with gentle force. Pop-out the smoke and add the backspin while curling your lips inward slightly but rapidly.

Accelerate smoke rings

You can push smoke out of your mouth faster and farther by using both your tongue and jaw simultaneously. As you move your jaw up and forward in a slight jutting motion, pop out the smoke ring. There is a technique to this that a person must master, and you must pair your tongue movements with your jaw movements in a timed manner. Eventually, once you are trained, you will be able to blow magnificent ringlets across a room that will drift gracefully across the surface without being disturbed, leaving everyone breathless with awe.

Precautions While Making Smoke Rings

Once you have learnt how to blow o rings, you must consider some don’ts to avoid mishaps.

  • First of all, make sure you already know how to smoke. Because if you don’t, you may choke the smoke.
  • Secondly, do not inhale the smoke when learning to make o rings. You only have to fill your mouth with smoke, and if you inhale the smoke, you will not form rings or may even choke yourself.
  • Thirdly, do not smoke rings on someone’s face as it is inappropriate and can lead to severe consequences.


Once you know how to blow a smoke ring and have mastered the technique, flex in front of others, but make sure not to cause any harm or damage.. In addition, pass these hacks to your friends to make them good at making smoke rings too. To learn more about shisha and the tricks of shisha, stay connected to Tuah Shisha

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