Hookah Smoking Tips: How Can You Become a Perfect Smoker

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Smoking hookah has become a pastime of enjoyment for many. Often people go for smoking to hookah lounges. However, as the tradition of hookah smoking is growing, many people opt to buy hookah for home. But it does take a lot of effort to maintain a hookah. Many newbies smoke hookah without knowing the right way to smoke it. Thus, in this article, we have bought some hookah smoking tips and hookah maintenance tips so you can enjoy long-lasting pleasure.

Hookah Smoking Tips

We have some critical hookah smoking tips for beginners. Let’s have a look.

Different Hose

Different hose for different flavours because if you are smoking chai flavour from a hose from which your partner smoked a triple apple, you will feel disgusted because of the mixing of two flavours. Your choice of favours may be different from that of your partner. Thus you would probably not want the flavour he is smoking, and you choose what you desire. However, when you change the flavour of hookah, it is good to change the hose too.

Use Two Layers Of Foil

Using a foil on hookah is mandatory. However, make sure you have heavy-duty foil; otherwise, there may be a leak while smoking hookah. On the other hand, you may use two layers of foil. This could be a prominent barrier allowing an even heat distribution throughout your experience. In addition, using heavy-duty foil or two layers of the foil can enhance the flavour of your hookah and can be more satisfying.

Use Ice Cubes

It is recommended to use ice cubes in a hookah. As you take a puff, the water will gradually become warm. However, if you already use warm water, you will not enjoy the hookah as you should. The ice cubes take time to melt, giving hookah freshness for a long time. Therefore, you should always use ice cubes or cold water to make sure that it remains cool when you use it.

Ignite Your Charcoal

Make sure that you do not rush when taking a puff. Before taking the puff, you should ensure that there is sufficient heat on the coal. Due to the use of underlit charcoals, you will have difficulty controlling the heat, and you will inevitably taste the charcoal rather than any flavour from the tobacco in the long term. Moreover, it is more likely that the charcoal will completely black out the tobacco.

Avoid Crowding Coals

Have you put too much coal on your hookah? Are you not getting the flavour you have desired? It could be because you have put too much coal in your hookah. There is a certain amount you can put in the hookah. Do not crowd the coals as it will generate thick smoke. In addition, this will result in more consumption of tobacco.

Divide Coal

It is not advisable to use a large piece of coal for a hookah. Ideally, the coal should be divided into equal parts and evenly distributed. Hookah will burn coal evenly this way. If the coal is evenly distributed, hookah will evenly burn the tobacco, and you will not see harsh smoke.

Heat Management System

In former times, there was no notion of heat management devices. However, as hookah smoking increased, accessories related to hookah also increased. Heat management devices are one of those accessories. Heat management devices increase the output of heat, extend the lifespan of coal, and generally simplify the overall process.

Heat management systems cannot save the session if the tinfoil and charcoal are unbalanced. Suppose you are using a heat management system, the ratio of tinfoil to coal changes.
A new hookah, tobacco, or charcoal can help you discover your perfect balance with your hookah.

Hookah Maintenance Tips

You should also be aware of hookah maintenance tips other than hookah smoking tips. It is mandatory to take care of the hookah to last longer. However, if you are not paying attention to its maintenance, it will soon be useless and won’t work as it should always. Following are some hookah maintenance tips to keep in mind to increase your hookah experience.

Cleaning Equipment

Once you have finished using the hookah, be sure to clean the hookah, the equipment, and the accessories. The hookah bowl, hose, and vase, as well as all other components, should be thoroughly cleaned. You should clean these parts regularly because burned tobacco causes them to stain over time. Especially the next smoking session is quite different from those in other countries. If you use the hose, first rinse it under warm water and let it completely dry. To prevent clogs, it is recommended to clean the hose between sessions thoroughly.

Stainless Steel Sponge

Stainless steel sponges are not only suitable for cleaning hookah bowls, but they are also great for fruits bowl sessions. This makes the whole process simpler by reducing preparation time. You can use the toothpick for decorating as well as ornamenting your fruit bowl. By cutting a piece of sponge and plugging the hole you created in one motion, you can ease up on the meticulous lining up of toothpicks and ensure the gap between tobacco and your stem is sealed.

Cool The Hookah Bowl

One of the primary errors people make is not cleaning hookahs and hookah bowls when they have finished smoking. The hookah parts can be compromised if they are not given adequate cooling time after cleaning.

Moreover, rinsing with cold water can cause microfractures in clay or on the surface of the hookah bowl. Through the bowl, you will be able to view shisha juice produced by the microfracture next time you smoke. Therefore, it is essential to let your hookah cool before washing it.

Use Cleaning Brush

Although rinsing between uses can help remove most of the flavour, this is not an effective method for removing all of it. A mere rinse will not be sufficient for preventing any shisha residue from gathering inside the shaft and at the base. To make our hookah cleaning as thorough as possible, we need to use brushes to remove residue from its base and interior, which we cannot see or otherwise reach.

Why Is It Important To Clean Hookah?

You can extend the life of your hookah by keeping it clean after every use, one of the essential benefits of which is that it will ensure that your hookah stays beautiful and does not lose its beauty over time. Additionally, keeping your smoky pipe clean will help you avoid contaminants from collecting inside your pipe, which may interfere with the flavour of your next smoke session since whatever was leftover from the previous session will be contaminated. What do you think you will get if you do not ensure that your hookah is adequately cleaned? Keeping your hookah clean is one thing you should do to ensure that you do not end up with an infection or disease that you can pick up from exposure to other people’s germs. Take precautions to prevent the spread of these diseases.


The care of hookah must not be compromised as it may damage both the equipment and person. Moreover, you should not only focus on hookah maintenance tips but also hookah smoking tips. Newbies experiment with the equipment and flavours, leading to the damage of hookah. Therefore, it is advised to follow instructions to smoke a hookah. Here at Tuah shisha, you can get numerous flavours for your hookah and shisha. In addition to that, you can get more flavour related guides here.

The Key to Perfecting the Art of Hookah Smoking

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