Making Hookah Fruit Bowl

Hookah Shisha Fruit Bowl

Making Hookah Fruit Bowl
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Fruit bowls are made by cutting a chunk of fruit into the shape of a hookah bowl, filling the fruit bowl with shisha tobacco, and sticking it in your hookah pipe in the area of your ordinary bowl. The hookah fruit bowl is also called hookah fruit heads or fresh heads. The hookah has continually been a way of amusement. Initially, it was introduced as tobacco hookah only. As time passed, many exclusive flavours emerged. 

Today, there are numerous fruit flavours available. People prepare a hookah fruit bowl to get the taste of their preference. But what is a hookah fruit bowl?
The hookah has been available in an extended manner within a few years, and people of every age and background now enjoy it. In addition to the tobacco flavours, there are many fruit flavours to pick from. 

Whether you put together your bowl or order one from a local store, there may be a taste that satisfies your flavour buds. People put together a hookah fruit bowl to get the taste of their preference. Whether you’re new to the arena of hookahs or have been smoking them for years, we’ve got what you want to get you started and enjoy your next fruit-flavoured smoke session! 

What is your preferred shape of the fruit to put in your hookah? Our aim is to provide you all the information related to Shisha 

What Is Hookah Fruit Bowl?

It is possible to cut fruits into any shape or size that is desired. Fruit bowls are bowls made of 1/3 of a fruit that has been cut out in the form of hookah bowls by cutting them out. Then, you insert the hookah pipe into the fruit bowl filled with shisha tobacco instead of inserting your hookah pipe into your regular bowl. As a fun twist on the traditional shisha experience, fruit heads combine the flavours of juices with tobacco to impart a burst of fruit flavour. Fruit heads provide a further burst of fruit flavours from the juices blending with the shisha tobacco and are more interesting than standard bowls. We aim to provide the most accurate and useful information about Shisha to our customers and readers. Be sure to read the entire article.

Why Put Fruit On A Hookah?

Adding frozen fruits to your base, including blueberries, strawberries, or raspberries, will add a colourful touch to your hookah consultation. In addition, it’ll also provide the same impact as ice and fruit juice, increasing the flavour and cooling your hookah smoke.

How Do You Make A Hookah Fruit Head Out Of Fruit?

Within reason, you ought to make a shisha fruit bowl out of pretty much any fruit. Ideally, you’re seeking out a chunk of fruit with a tough exterior (for structural guide) and a soft indoors that may be, without problems, carved out to create a bowl shape.

Tools You Need

A Kitchen Knife

A knife is used to reduce the fruit element to scoop it.

A Coring Tool

It is used to drain the fruit pulp of the cut fruit.


These are used to poke holes in the foil.

Aluminium Foil

It is used to cowl the hookah fruit bowl.

How To Make A Fruit Bowl?

  1. A Shisha fruit bowl comes in various styles, so you’re sure to locate one that fits your style. If your standard bowl meets an unfortunate stop, take the fruit’s rind and use it as a shisha bowl. It is a fantastic impromptu choice. An extensive selection of fruits, including apples, pears, kiwi, oranges, pineapples, lemons, watermelons, and so forth., is used by most people today.
    Follow the steps to make your Fruit heads:
    1. Gather the vital substances you may want to make a Fruit Head Hookah. It is typically required to get rid of about a third of the pinnacle part of the fruit.
    2. If you decide to reduce, you should make sure that it’s miles flat so that as quickly as the coals are cut inside the bowl, they will sit effectively.
    3. Make sure all of the seeds and pulp inside the fruit are scooped out by carving the middle out.
    4. Ideally, it should have an inner lining inside the fruit.
    5. In the lowest of the fruit bowl, you want to make a tiny hole of the dimensions of an index finger.
    6. Put aluminium foil over the fruit and make diverse holes all over the foil.
    7. For your fruit bowl to be thoroughly heated, you may have to use extra coals than you usually could.

What Fruits Can You Use To Make A Fruit Bowl?

There are a variety of fruits available that you can cut to make a hookah fruit bowl. Some of them are following:
  • Banana Bowl
  • Apple bowl
  • Pineapple bowl
  • Orange bowl
  • Watermelon bowl
  • Lemon bowl
  • Kiwi bowl
  • Pear bowl
  • Grapefruit bowl

A Hookah Bowl Created From Fruits

Step 1: Normally, this step could come later with other fruit, however on account that we ought to get rid of an actual centre from the apple, it’s best to do first. To remove the apple middle, use the apple corer as directed. Trim the apple’s top third. Usually, step one, reduce off the pinnacle 0.33 of the apple with the kitchen knife and discard (most people eat the leftover fruit).
Step 2: Use the corer to core your fruit. If you do not have a corner in your hookah fruit bowl, use a little knife to make a hole inside the centre of the fruit. The length has to be the dimensions of your stem bowl.
Step 3: Remove the inner flesh of your fruit. This step ensures that you can get healthy shisha tobacco within the fruit. Use an absorbent paper towel to pat down the apple’s interior to soak up any excess juice. You can use a small knife or an everyday spoon to dispose of the pulps.
Step 4: If you use a juicier fruit like watermelon, orange, or pineapple, make sure you wipe the interior nicely. This is a critical step essential to this hookah fruit bowl.
Step 5: Stick toothpicks within the backside of your fruit bowl. This will save the tobacco from falling down the stem and draining in the water. This step is regularly neglected in other hookah fruit bowl publications and tutorials.
Step 6: Pack the hookah fruit head with your favourite shisha tobacco flavour. Sprinkle the tobacco as typical and do not overfill it.
Step 7: Cover the shisha fruit bowl with a foil or steel screen. You need to line the foil and make it satisfactory and flat. To stick it at the top, use regular toothpicks. Also, you want to poke holes in a foil-packed bowl.
Step 8: Place your coals on the pinnacle. Typically, it will take extra time to warm up the shisha because of the internal fruit juices. That’s why I emphasized the wiping step.
Step 9: This is a complicated approach for stopping the tobacco from falling into the vase.

Pros Of A Hookah Fruit Bowl

  • The main benefits of fruit at the top of the hookah are that it looks fancy, dazzling, pleasant, and grabs the attention of everyone.
  • It looks quality and truly takes hold of attention to anybody.
  • It’s for one-time utilization. You’ll find that the hookah has an overall aesthetically beautiful look.
  • It is also an excellent alternative to a shisha bowl made from clay, added herbal flavour from fruit juices

Cons Of A Hookah Fruit Bowl

  • There is a hazard of your shisha becoming very moist and soggy.
  • There is a superb opportunity for a Shisha fruit bowl to be messy.
  • More preparation time required.
  • Damp fruit indoors makes it harder to warm up shisha tobacco mix.
  • Messier to prepare and during smoking.
  • Doesn’t provide an airtight seal.

Safety Measures:

While making a Natural Shisha fruit bowl, remember to keep the following things in your mind:
  • Do not hole out your fruit more than the quantity of shisha.
  • If the rind is not thick and sufficiently solid, it will become risky as the juices and warmth can exchange the properties of the fruit.
  • Since the fruit is so fantastic, you may need extra coals to get your hookah fruit bowl started.


I hope you’ve found out the basics of how to create your bowl out of any fruit you need. To achieve satisfactory results, you must be consistent. Share your information with buddies and create new, unique bowls that fit your possibilities. One of the primary problems of traditional bowls is that the holes are located at the bottom of the bowl. That’s the problem because juicy shisha will drain via the holes and up in the hookah base. That’s why you’ll lose the taste of shisha, and the shisha will burn up quicker. For that purpose, it’s remarkably recommended to apply much less juicy shisha if you’re smoking from that kind of bowl.

The heavenly taste will enrich your soul and mood to another level.

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