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Best Hookah Flavours For Beginners: A Simple Guide

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Smoking hookah is not an activity of modern times. It has been done for centuries, however, with less recognition. Every day, numerous people of every age enter into the circle of smoking hookah. If we talk about beginners, they will find it hard to know the flavours and choices they have to make for their hookah. Therefore, choosing the best hookah flavours for beginners might be challenging. 

There are too many options available for hookah, and as a newbie, you may feel surrounded by possibilities and confused about which one to choose. We have enlisted the best hookah and shisha flavours guide for beginners. So buckle up and stick to the end.

Triple Apple

On our list of the best shishas, Triple Apple is on top. We can’t get enough of it every time. Triple apple shisha makes your smoking experience fabulous and exciting by soothing your taste buds.

Having less stickiness means you’ll enjoy your hookah more time to enjoy it. The scent of this cigarette lingers in the room after extended sessions. Despite its taste and smell, it tastes like licorice. Tuah Shisha flavours enhance the experience and produce more impressive smoke plumes than traditional shisha tobacco.

Mint Shisha

Some time ago, the flavour of shisha was limited to the traditional one. Gradually, new and enhanced shisha flavours are introduced in the market. The next pick is mint shisha. Mint has always been a way of spreading freshness, so we came up with this mint flavour shisha. Since it contains menthol, it will leave a minty sensation in your mouth and not leave you with a burnt tobacco taste.

During this shisha experience, you’ll experience unique sensations. Users will enjoy a wonderful minty aroma and taste that is not overpowering. Users will enjoy the refreshing smell and taste of wind and chill.

Orange Shisha

We have put orange shisha on our best hookah flavours for beginners list because of its demand. Orange is one of the traditional flavours and is high in demand. Moreover, it can do wonders for you by making you feel fresh and calm.

 You can feel the smoke blending with your soul with the fruity scent. It is refreshing to start your day, and mixing it with several other flavours will enhance your experience. The rich flavour with mint notes can make it overwhelming, becoming awe-inspiring.

Grape Shisha

Grapes are generally sour and sweet and often leave that sourness in your mouth. However, the grape shisha is here to bring you the joy of eating grapes in any season. You’ll feel as if you’re guzzling grape juice with this smooth, sweet taste. It is soothing to your taste buds to inhale the flavour of a juicy grape. You will savour a smooth exhale after you have smoked our grape flavoured shisha. Grape flavoured shisha is quite possibly one of the most versatile products available on the market. Combining any flavours will provide you with a burst of freshness and tanginess.

Rose Shisha

Rose is a sign of love or associates it with happiness, joy and activeness. Our rose flavour is what you have been craving for ages. Please don’t wait until you taste pink roses; you’ll be surprised by how delicious they are. If you have never tried them, you’ll wonder how you lived without them. You will feel refreshed after relaxing and enjoying the flower blossom mix. You feel as if you are cooling off from sweltering heat and blowing clouds of milky, cloudy air into the sky. Nonetheless, we can safely state that this is the most iconic shisha flavour out there.


In final words, Shisha flavours for beginners are now easy to find. We at Tuah store devote ourselves to offering hand-picked fruit flavours made from fruits, spices, herbs, and natural flavours that minimise several risks related to health.

A combination of premium ingredients ensures that each flavour is dedicated to providing a fantastic smoke experience, rich aroma, and thick cloud.


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