Hookah Etiquette: The Correct Way To Smoke In Group

The practice of smoking hookah is not a new one. People used it in the ancient world for centuries. At the same time, the method of smoking hookahs has changed over time. Smoking hookah with your friends is a great way to double the pleasure of the experience. Hookah lounges can provide you with an experience that you will remember for a lifetime. However, some hookah etiquette needs to be kept in mind when enjoying it.

What Is Hookah Etiquette?

Do you know what is hookah etiquette? As it pertains to hookah etiquette, it is typically a code of good behaviour that provides a detailed description of the expected and accepted behaviours that meet the principles and traditions that govern society, a class or a group. 

Hookah Etiquette 1

Blowing smoke on someone’s face is highly against hookah culture. It does violate not only hookah rules but also increases the risk of spreading germs that are in your respiratory tracts. The act of blowing a breath into the face of another is unethical, even if it is just jokingly done. People may feel rude and insensitive, which can ruin their day!

Hookah Etiquette 2

Another essential tip to consider when using a multi-hose hookah is the length of the hose. You must wait until someone else finishes pumping water from your hose. Drawing will become complicated if you pull at the same time, and the container will become overheated if you pull simultaneously. Some people will do this to prevent others from smoking, but it isn’t delightful to have others doing this as well.

Hookah Etiquette 3

You probably can’t miss this, but before you start, make sure the mouthpiece isn’t touching the ground. There is no need for the hoses to be longer than they are. There will be a problem. There is an important point to be made here that you should not let the portion that you will be putting into your mouths should not contact the floor. As there are thousands of germs on the floor, especially at the time of Covid-19, we must be extra vigilant.

Hookah Etiquette 4

It should be done as a formal procedure to rotate the shisha hose in a clockwise direction effectively. Taking the shisha hose from your hand and passing it to the person next to you is considered extremely rude in parts of the world.

Hookah Etiquette 5

In deciding which hookah flavour to smoke, hosts should let their guests be responsible for making the decision. And remember, if you pick a flavour that you know someone won’t like, then don’t choose that flavour. Selecting the wrong flavour is just plain rude. Furthermore, you have invited people to your hookah party. Thus, it would be not very respectful not to allow them to choose the flavour of their choice.

Hookah Etiquette 6

To maintain good hygiene, it is vital to promote it. For instance, you should always use a mouthwash tip but not share it with anybody else. When you are sick, you should do not smoke around other people. A mouthpiece should not be shared with anyone else because there is the possibility of bacteria spreading. When hygienic conditions are not maintained, it could cause various problems. It is therefore vital that such practices are avoided.

Hookah Etiquette 7

When you are smoking hookah, it is crucial to use your RIGHT hand when passing the house. Some people may consider a left hand unclean in some parts of the world. However, there is no point in neglecting this rule, as it will likely damage your relationship with your guests or hosts.

Hookah Etiquette 8

Generally speaking, the first person to set up and smoke the hookah is the one who does it first. Afterwards, you can give it to the coal handler, who will manage the next step. A full rotation of the hookah will begin at the end of this process, and then you will repeat the process. Participants will usually be given approximately 3 to 5 minutes to smoke each hookah.

Hookah Etiquette 9

Some traditions dictate that the hookah must be placed on the ground, not on chairs or tables. This speaks to the idea that hookahs require maintenance, as they are service objects. It is possible to be considered offensive by those around you if you put a hookah on an elevated surface. It is more of a tradition than a law; it is closer to a convention and less a rule. Many hookah lounges adhere to the customary practices, but not all of them do so all of the time.

Hookah Etiquette 10

If, from time to time, you want to knock off the ash and keep the coal warm, you can tap the charcoal lightly with the tongs. Using tongs is included in the list of hookah etiquette.

Hookah Etiquette 11

Another point from Hookah Culture Rules and Etiquette is to avoid smoking cigarettes with hookah. Many hookah bars allow smokers to smoke tobacco but do not allow the smoking of cigarettes. It is also important to note if you do not find an ashtray next to your counter, it may be a sign that you are not allowed to smoke here. We strongly recommend that you ask staff members if you have any questions regarding whether smoking is permitted or prohibited.


The first step toward gaining respect in the hookah lounge is to become a master of hookah etiquettes, which begins with shisha mastery. After learning how to master the shisha and demonstrating the associated social manners, you will have the confidence you need to enjoy anywhere and teach this to others to perpetuate the proper hookah etiquette in the future.

The most essential attitude you need to enjoy your hookah experience is a positive state of mind.

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