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History of Tuah

It was on a New Year’s Eve.

I was celebrating with friends, partying at the Marrakech Cocktail Bar, a club owned by a friend of mine, in Melbourne CBD. We were all laughing and having a wonderful time. I was about to experience my very first Shisha – it was unlike anything I had experienced before. It was magical, exotic, and yes spiritual.

That New Year’s Eve, while partying with my friends, I had an epiphany. It was almost like the Shisha smoke released my imagination. Ideas and plans blended with the plumes of smoke. I knew what I was supposed to do with my life.

Opportunity was knocking and I was listening. I began experimenting with flavour and aroma combinations. I wanted something unique, sustainable, and 100% natural… but something that was value for money and, most importantly, tasted and smelled delicious.

I spent a good 12-months mixing, blending, creating formulas, testing them for flavour, longevity, and brilliant aroma. I encouraged feedback and with each comment, I improved my blends, until I had the perfect combination of taste, scent, and long-lasting burn time.

I reached out to an associate of mine in Malaysia as I needed a credible supply of my raw product; cornhusk, and then, after laboratory testing both in Malaysia and Australia – Tuah Herbal was in full production.


I had heard the phrase, “We don’t choose our life path, it chooses us” although I didn’t really comprehend it until Tuah herbal was created.

The first year was a struggle. Like any new business, Tuah is fighting with supply, demand, costs and little or no profit, until I have enough customers to support the business. but there was a reason why we are called Tuah – you see in Malaysian Tuah means luck. By creating a company called Tuah; I was creating my own good fortune and good energy. Yes, I was forging my own destiny, by working hard, and a good will, that when the time was right, my ‘luck’ would come.

And it did; but not just to Tuah, to other’s also. people i was working with. People who helped me create my business or supported Tuah when I was still learning – they too felt the positive spiritual energy of Tuah.

and my customers too.

I have based my business ethos on positivity and respect. these energies are, I believe, present in my Tuah flavours and are passed on to my customers.

Tuah product is made from cornhusk. naturally and sustainably resourced; again, positive energy.

I believe that, when you order your shisha from Tuah, when you alight the coals and draw in the perfumed smoke through the hookah, you will taste more than just delicious flavors and exotic aromas. I believe you will also be taken on your own spiritual journey – and maybe even have a personal epiphany – your spiritual journey is waiting.

As we have said, Tuah herbal is an organic product; made from cornhusk. In fact, Tuah herbal is the first hookah in the world made from cornhusk, a completely sustainable and renewable raw product. not only are we supporting a 100% natural product, we are also supporting the organic industry.

Dear Tuah Herbal, WTF is corn husk??

Tuah Herbal is made from corn husk and is the first SHISHA in the world created from this organic product.

We source it from Malaysian growers and research shows that it contains bio active compounds, these provide health benefits that are free from the chemicals, pesticides and other health problems associated with smoking nicotine based hookah tobacco.

By using corn husk to create our Tuah Herbal Flavour, we are proudly 100 percent nicotine free.

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