Does Shisha Or Hookah Get You High?

Smoking shisha and hookah is the most common trend among youngsters. They enjoy smoking shisha or hookah with friends. Those who know what is it like to smoke a hookah may not ask, but newbies usually as whether Does Shisha or Hookah get you high? The answer to this may vary according to the condition. Like a fruit flavoured, nicotine-free shisha will certainly not give you a buzz, but if you are using a shisha with nicotine, there are chances that it’ll get you high. However, we have gathered helpful information to discuss the aspects in detail. So read till the end and find the answer to your question.

What Is Hookah Or Shisha?

Hookahs, shishas, and water pipes are usually single or multi-stemmed vaporizers used to vaporize cannabis, tobaccos and other products. A glass-based water basin is used to pass the smoke through before intake.

What Is Shisha Made Of?

In most cases, shisha smoke is produced by smoking tobacco, sometimes mixed with fruit or sugar, sometimes both, and sometimes none of the above. Some of the prominent fruit flavours that make up the drink are apple, strawberry, mint, and cola. During the burning of the shisha pipe, one would burn wood, coal, or charcoal to heat the tobacco and create smoke.

Does Tobacco Gets You High?

An immediate rush of pleasure and energy is sent through the brain when adrenaline is released. This feeling will not last long, however. It is common to have cravings being buzzed by shisha you use when you are tired or depleted. As your body becomes accustomed to nicotine, more cigarettes won’t provide you with the same buzz as you did before.

Does Shisha Make You High?

Can you get high off hookah? Marijuana and other drugs aren’t meant to be smoked in hookahs. You won’t get high from smoking hookahs. You may get a buzz from the tobacco in it, although smoking hookahs will not get you high. Shisha makes you dizzy, Lightheaded, relaxed and wobbles sometimes. It usually happens when you smoke on an empty stomach. Smoking hookah also makes the smoker feel nauseous and sick to their stomachs. Smoking too much or smoking when hungry are more likely to cause this. Because hookahs are lit with coals, some people feel queasy when burning them. Coal smoke can cause other side effects, including a mild headache pain when fumes are released into the air.

How Much Buzz?

A lot of hookah smokers wonder does hookah make you high but Some smokers want to know how much buzz they get from hookahs to be one of the deciding factors as to what brand to choose. When shopping for your next shisha tobacco flavour, a level of buzz you prefer is something to consider, whether it be a low buzz, a high buzz, or no buzz at all.

Difference Between "Getting Buzz" And "Getting High"

If you want to consume fluids directly, you should at least be familiar with the following facts, unless you are a real hookah fan and an avid drinker. As far as hookah goes, it doesn’t get you high in the traditional sense, but it does provide you with a buzz that you can enjoy. Feeling buzzed and high is difficult to describe – but it is accurate. In addition to that, a person often feels very confused because, after enjoying the sensation for a short period, he may not understand what’s going on since he feels lightheaded. Therefore, no one notices or doesn’t think about what is happening, nor do they care about what is happening. Even though they do not mind the dizziness, getting high does not appeal to me.

Can It Be Addictive?

When you smoke a substance, you are highly likely to become addicted to it. You can be sure of that. In the same way, smoking hookah is no different. It means that both the quantity and percent of tobacco present in the product are identical to those used to manufacture cigarettes. Therefore, people become dependent on cigarettes as a result of their consumption. Despite the term addiction being a big word, its meaning may not have the same meaning for all people.’ big word, but it can’t be the same for all people. Keep away from the addiction as much as possible and note it does not pose a severe health hazard. Direct inhalation of nicotine can indeed be a significant contributor to addiction. However, we shouldn’t assume that you will get seriously addicted to it, but it is likely to happen. To control these issues, particularly those that arise from smoking, you will have to take action.

"Buzz" Without Nicotine

Hookahs used for smoking are generally filled with tobacco shisha. Tobacco-free and nicotine-free products are available from various renowned brands in the market. You can still experience the aftereffects of hookah smoking by using these products, and there is no risk of disease associated with these products. Instead of tobacco leaves, some companies typically use fruit pulp or sugar cane to make herbal shisha. The liquid portion of shisha comprises molasses, honey, glycerin, and other flavourings. There is no such thing as a high from the hookah pipe, but if you smoke it regularly, you can suffer terrible effects on your body.
Furthermore, if it is not managed in its early stages, a person might develop an addiction to it if they do not control it. Nonetheless, people who do not overuse or abuse it at all, at least not excessively, use it in the right proportion, and healthy way may not find it detrimental. With this method, one can easily compromise the taste and the flavour of a hookah session without sacrificing the health benefits.


So there you have an answer for Does Shisha or Hookah get you high?. The hookah smoke does not cause you to get high, but it does produce an enjoyable buzz. You should consume a nutritious meal and drink plenty of water before participating in a session, no matter whether you are looking to experience a pleasant buzz from it or not. I hope that this little post has been informative and helpful for you.

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