Does Shisha or Hookah Get You High?

Does Shisha Or Hookah Get You High

Smoking shisha and hookah is the most common trend among youngsters. They enjoy smoking with their friends and close loved ones when the time is right. But for NEWBIES, we get a lot of this question before they decide to go on with us.

The answer to this may vary depending on the scenario. However, we have gathered helpful information to discuss the aspects in detail. So make sure you read it till the end.

What is hookah shisha? Are they the same?

Essentailly, yes. Hookah and shisha, water pipes are usually single or multi-stemmed vaporizers used to vaporize cannabis, tobaccos and other products. The term “shisha” used in Europe goes back to the Persian word shishe , which means “glass”. The Turkish word sise means “bottle”, in certain Arabic dialects specifically refer to the bowl of shisha or the entire hookah. In some cases, narghile is also used.

 Essentially, it is a glass-based water basin or waterpipe tobacco apparatus used to pass the smoke through.

These are some of Tuah hookahs:


In most cases, shisha smoke is produced by smoking tobacco, sometimes mixed with fruit or sugar, sometimes both. However, it can also be other ingredients that are mixed with unnatural chemicals. 

Some of the prominent fruit flavours that make up the drink are apple, watermelon, strawberry, mint, and cola. During the burning of the shisha pipe, one would burn wood, coal, or charcoal to heat the tobacco and create smoke.

Here at Tuah, this is an exampe of a natural fruit flavour product:

Does hookah tobacco or shisha tobacco get you high? The real hookah use !

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An immediate rush of pleasure and energy is sent through the brain when adrenaline is released. This feeling will not last long, however. It is common to have cravings being buzzed by shisha you use when you are tired or depleted. As your body becomes accustomed to nicotine, more cigarettes won’t provide you with the same buzz as you did before. Plus lets not forget on the hazards.

Not to worry ! You can also buy hookah products here at Tuah. Hose, mouthpiece, all of it. Hookah users can enjoy the best offers since 2011. Crafted to upmost perfection. A typical hookah smoking session should also be combined with these combinations.

Now that you are here, you might wonder on the following. But, one of the bad practices is to use non-hookah ingredients in combination with a hookah apparatus. Worst case is that smoking in such a way might only result in a micro-buzz. But it is rather milld and a waste of time. You want the best experience for your monetary value right? Much as cigarette smoking would only result in a boring and dangerous habit.

However, shisha tobacco on the other hand would make you dizzy and lightheaded at best. But most importantly, relaxed! 

The intensity is increased when you smoke on an empty stomach. Hence, WE DO NOT CONDONE SHISHA’ING ON AN EMPTY STOMACH ! In addition, you will feel nauseous when you do it. So, DON’T! At least have a burger at hungry jacks before doing so.

Here at tuah, the flavours that we have come up with over the 12 years of experimentation on tested grounds resulted only the best and has served our customers til this day ! These tobacco products are free from heavy metals, tar and carbon monoxide. The tobacco smoke from these products smells just as pleasing as the taste itself. Try it out

How much buzz can Tuah give you?

Beginners often wonder. Can shisha make me high? Newbies that are curious of the buzz they get from hookahs tend to be one of the primary factors as to what brand they would go for. When shopping for your next shisha flavour, the amount of buzz can be something to consider, whether it be a low buzz, a high buzz, or no buzz at all. Here is an example of a low buzz:

Here is an example of a high buzz:

Difference Between "Getting Buzz" And "Getting High"

If you want to consume fluids directly, you should at least be familiar with the following facts, unless you are a real hookah fan and an avid drinker.


As far as hookah goes, it doesn’t get you high in the traditional sense, but it does provide you with a buzz that you can enjoy. Feeling buzzed and high are 2 different things – but it’s close. In addition to that, a person often feels very confused because, after enjoying the sensation for a short period, he may not understand what’s he/she actually feels.

Can hookah shisha be addictive?

When you smoke any substance, you are highly likely to become addicted to it. In the same way that smoking hookah. Neither differs. In the industry, the percentage of tobacco present in the product are identical to those used to manufacture cigarettes. More content =  More addiction.

Therefore, people become dependent on cigarettes as a result of their tobacco use. This reults in the increase in cigarette smokers of every nation.

Keep away from  any addiction as much as possible. Especially if it poses a severe health hazard. Furthermore, direct inhalation of hazardous substances can be a significant contributor to an addiction.

To control these issues, Tuahs’ initiated some safer alternatives to combat these issues:

"Buzz" Without Tobacco

These shisha flavours are nicotine-free products which are available here at Tuah. You can still experience the buzz by using these smoke products, and no risk associated with these products.

Instead of tobacco leaves, some companies use fruit pulp or sugar cane to make shisha herbs. The liquid portion of shisha comprises of molasses, honey, glycerin, and other flavourings. Hence, even without the nicotine, these substitutes can cause more harm than good.

Insteaed, these nicotine free tobacco producsts provides the best buzz experience. Free from nicotine content. 100% better than smoking cigarettes and much less harmful. Plus, the air quality that comes out of our products are not harmful as compared to secondhand smoke from traditional cigarettes.


So there you have an answer for Does Shisha or Hookah get you high?. The hookah smoke does not cause you to get high, but it does produce an enjoyable buzz. You should consume a nutritious meal and drink plenty of water before participating in a session, no matter whether you are looking to experience a pleasant buzz from it or not. I hope that this little post has been informative and helpful for you.

The Tuah experience is beyond imagination. It's not just a trip, it's a transformation.

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