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HOW TO BUY A SHISHA – Full Guide 2021

When it comes to buying good shisha, the very first thing you need is a reputable supplier – which is what you get with Tuah Australia. Our shisha is 100% husk based. 

But don’t worry, husk doesn’t mean less enjoyment. Many regular Tobacco smokers, who have tried our Tuah Shisha, have been amazed at how smooth, and authentic, the experience is, comparing the quality and texture of our husk-based Shisha to that of smoking Tobacco flavours. And because our product has a similar burn-time to traditional tobacco shisha, but is less expensive, many AL-Fakher smokers are now Tuah Shisha converts!

Why are Tobacco reviewers raving about our Shisha? Because we have created a product with intense and authentic flavours. Superior shisha has a pleasant aroma. Our Shisha is always fresh, and vacuum packed to ensure the Shisha Flavours remain deliciously fragrant.


Tuah Shisha has more than 25,000 satisfied customers, all saying the same thing, our Shisha Flavours are amazing. Our flavour selection is extensive, and we encourage our customers to try as many as they’d like, however, there are some true “customer favourites” we know you’ll love.

Let’s start with Shisha Apple. 

Everyone loves the smell of a crisp apple, and with Tuah Australia you have a choice, Shisha Apple Flavour or, for those who really love apple, Shisha Double Apple. Our Shisha Double Apple is like our Tuah Shisha Apple, but more intense.

Other popular fruit flavours are:

  • Shisha Mint
  • Shisha Grape
  • Shisha Watermelon
  • Shisha Strawberry
  • Shisha Mango
  • Shisha Bubblegum

Many of our regulars like to mix it up. Shisha Grape and Shisha Mint for example, or Shisha Strawberry and Shisha Apple. But one of our most popular flavours is Shisha Bubblegum. Customers have described the flavour sensation as though they were chewing on actual bubblegum, only better because our Shisha Bubblegum Flavour lasts for hours! 


Many of our regular customers were once first-time smokers. And it can be daunting, not knowing which flavours to buy, or how to set up your Hookah. At Tuah Australia we believe in our product and our service.

We also offer online assistance, including booking one of our Team to assist you. 


When it comes to choosing a flavour for the first time we recommend, you try at least one of our five most popular flavours:

  1. Shisha Apple Flavour
  2. Shisha Mint Flavour 
  3. Shisha Grape Flavour
  4. Shisha Strawberry Flavour 
  5. Shisha Mango Flavour

Whether you choose Shisha Mango, Shisha Strawberry, Shisha Mint, or any of our flavours, you can be certain of quality and taste. That same quality and taste is why so many Al-Fakher users love our product, and also why so many more are converting every day 😉

Ordering online is Easy. Pick the option that best suits your needs 1, 2 or 3!

  1. Order online and we ship the next business day (with 247 tracking links) 
  2. Local Pick-up option on check out for Victorian buyers. 
  3. Use our link for store appointment required for local pick up. CLICK HERE!

HOW TO BUY A SHISHA – the most important aspect.

Buying Tuah Shisha is safe. We are accredited and cleared by Customs. Our product has been thoroughly tested and is both delicious and long lasting; and as we’re an Australian Company, with our Head Office in Melbourne and locations throughout Australia. 

  • You don’t have to concern yourself with where your product is coming from. 
  • You don’t have to worry about a Customs declaration and Import Duty fees or Customs Clearance issues 

All you need to do is pick a flavour and enjoy!

Tuah Australia – We pride ourselves on our service, and our quality product, and our daily growing customer base agrees 😊

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How to Smoke Shisha for the First Time

You’ve probably seen images of people smoking shisha, looking relaxed, smoking some exotic smoke from a tube, connected to a device that could have come from a movie set. And you may have thought “that looks awesome!” but it seemed to complex to try yourself.

Today’s topic is focused on how to Smoke Shisha for the First Time – and enjoy the Hookah Experience 😉

First-things-first; a bit of terminology. Shisha is the tobacco. At Tuah Australia we supply only the best husk, Shisha Flavours.

The Hookah is the instrument used to smoke your shisha. It’s often the setup of the Hookah which frightens people. Today we will teach you how to smoke shisha first time as a beginner. We are going to take away the mystery & make your Hookah Experience positive.

Setting up your Hookah.

  1. Remove the Stem (metal tube) from the vase (water tank).
  2. Pour water into the vase. Return the Stem, ensuing it is 1 to 1.5cm submerged in the water.
  1. Select your favorite Shisha flavour and fill the Shisha bowl, making sure not to over fill.
  2. Place your Heat Management Device (HMD) onto the bowl, choosing your HMD fits perfectly placed on your Shisha bowl.
Making sure not to over fill
Place your Heat Management Device (HMD) onto the bowl
  1. Take your Shisha Charcoal, place on the Charcoal Hot Plate, three pieces is more than enough, wait until you see the embers are red-hot.

  2. Once the Shisha Charcoals are red-hot, move to the Heat Management Device and allow the embers to heat up the Shisha head bowl, thus releasing the flavour and aroma.

See the embers are red-hot

Shisha Charcoals are red-hot, move to the Heat Management Device

Once the Shisha bowl has had time to heat up, your Hookah experience can begin.

While all Hookah’s perform in the same way, there are two main types of Shisha Bowls. Funnel & Egyptian. Below are links to our Youtube Channel demonstrating the difference between a Shisha Funnel Bowl & a Shisha Egyptian Bowl:

At Tuah Australia, we have a range of Hookahs for sale, as well as, shisha pipes, charcoal burners, and of course quality shisha, all designed to help make your shisha experience amazing. 

How to smoke Shisha for the First Time.

The quality of your Shisha is vital. Stale or poor-quality shisha equals an unpleasant taste. Here at Tuah Australia, our Shisha is vacuum packed, ensuring with the correct storage, you’ll have fresh and tasty shisha for your next Hookah party.

Tips for ensuring a successful Hookah experience.

Use Ice and Cold water – The colder the water, the fresher the experience. 

Fresh Tobacco is Key – “fresh is best” is just as true for shisha. Tuah Australia has a variety of Shisha flavours ensuring you an amazing shisha experience. 

Blow Some Air into the Pipe – Smoke gets trapped inside and if not replaced can become stale. 

Hookah Pipes – You must always use quality hookah pipes

Just Use Enough Tobacco – don’t put too much. 

Go for Natural Coal – For a fresher natural taste, always go for natural coal. You’ll find our Tuah Coals for sale in the Products section.

Replace the Water – Always use fresh water for every new session. 

Hookahs Should Taste Great – As you inhale, the sensation should be cool and calming, with your body feeling relaxed. 

For more detailed information on how to ensure you get the most from your Shisha go to our blog How to Enjoy your Hookah every time.

Don’t be daunted by the prospect of setting up your first hookah or your first shisha experience. Follow the steps and remember, at Tuah Australia, we are here to help, which is why we started our one-on-one booking service and the online tutorials.

When it comes to Shisha and Hookah, be it product or service, with Tuah Australia, you’re set.

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How to enjoy your Hookah every time.

People smoke hookah for several reasons. Perhaps they are looking to relax or meditate. Other’s find the flavour sensation exhilarating, and for some, it may a first-time experience; exciting and thrilling in one breathtaking inhale. But whatever the reason, the anticipated result is enjoyment.

However, occasionally, the experience does not live up to the expectation. People have, at times, mentioned issues such as the feeling of a scratchy, raspy throat, or an unpleasant taste sensation.

So, how can you prevent this from happening? Here are some tips to have a fresh tasking hookah and make the most out of your session.

Use Ice and Cold water

So, let’s start with the basics. How does a hookah work? Unlike traditional cigarettes where you are absorbing the smoke directly into your throat and lungs, a hookah uses water filtration. As the smoke passes through the water, it softens the sensation on the throat.

The water is the key. To get the best, smoothest, result from your hookah, it is best to use cold water. The colder the water, the fresher the experience. As you begin to smoke, your water will become warmer, however, by starting with warm, or room temperature water, you are speeding up the process for the water temperature increase, and thus reducing the ‘cool-sensation’ timeline.

Fresh Tobacco is Key

The saying “fresh is best” is just as true for tobacco.

Not all tobaccos are created equal. Avoid using tobacco that has been ‘stashed’ for a long period of time, as it’s likely lost its freshness and may even have a stale, or damp aroma. Obviously, this will not feel great on your throat.

Fresher tobacco will ALWAYS deliver a fresher, enhanced, more enjoyable, experience. Tuah Herbal has a variety of Shisha flavours ensuring you an amazing shisha experience.

Blow Some Air into the Pipe

An underappreciated best practice when smoking a hookah is to blow some air into the bottle from time to time. The idea is simple. Smoke gets trapped inside and if it doesn’t get replaced, it becomes stale.

You must always use quality hookah pipes. Old, or uncleaned pipes, will, over time, gradually build up an undesirable odour, that is likely to negatively impact the taste, and aroma, with each huff.

Just Use Enough Tobacco

It’s natural to want to experiment with flavours – especially if you have purchased several of our Tuah Herbal flavour sensations. It’s also common for people to think, “the more I put in the better and stronger the flavour” – however, this is not the case. In hookah, there is a ‘Goldilocks’ ideal level, where the amount of tobacco and the sensation of smoking is ‘just right’; and it’s not achieved by stuffing too much tobacco.

With your hookah, as with many things in life, less is more, and if in doubt, you will get a better experience with a smaller amount of shisha, than an over-filled bowl.

Use a Vortex Bowl

You don’t necessarily have to use a vortex bowl but be sure not to allow burnt tobacco to get inside the bottle. That includes making sure the holes of your bowl are not covered with ash, and keeping it clean throughout the session. Having good quality hookah bowls means you will have a great overall shisha experience.

In the event that tobacco juice or ash does get through, it will contaminate your water. With enough of it and it can start to affect the taste and freshness of every puff you make.

Go for Natural Coal

There are two types of coal used in hookah smoking. One is natural, and the other is called instant. If you want a fresher, natural taste, always go for natural coal. However, when using natural coal, be patient, as it can take some time to heat up, unlike instant coal. But your patience will be rewarded with a better tasting product. If you’ve had varying experiences with hookahs, chances are, different coal products were used. 

Replace the Water

To ensure you get the best from your hookah, always use fresh water for every new session. Additionally, if you are having a long hookah session, we advise to replace the water at some point. As smoke is filtered through the water, it is only a matter of time before it degrades from use, and contamination, to can impact the overall taste of your shisha.

Hookahs Should Taste Great

As you inhale, the sensation should be cool, aromatic, and calming. Your throat should not feel sharp, and your body should begin to feel relaxed. If this isn’t you’re experience, it’s time to review. Go through the steps above, check the quality of your shisha, and ensure your pipes are clean, and without any unpleasant aroma, make sure your water is fresh and your coal is natural.

Smoking hookah shouldn’t be hard work – it should be a relaxing, soothing, experience, that leaves a smile on your face and your body and muscles released of your daily stresses. A little be of preparation will ensure your enjoyment ?

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Sophia Smokes PRODUCT OF THE WEEK | Review of Tuah flavours from Australia

At Tuah Herbal, we have worked diligently to ensure our shisha tastes and smells divine and our professional service to our customers equals the quality of our product.

Our hard work and commitment to excellent service have resulted in our being one of the preferred suppliers of organic shisha in Australia, with locations, and home delivery services in almost every state and territory. However, we always intended to expand our business beyond our Shisha Australia borders. And now, our dream of becoming the number one Organic shisha supplier, worldwide, is becoming a reality.

Last week our Tuah Herbal products were featured on a Youtube review, where the reviewer, Rebecca Sophia Scott, highlighted our Shisha Watermelon, Shisha Bubblegum, Shisha Apple and Shisha Mint flavours in her Product of the Week special, for her channel Sophia Smokes. Sophia is located in Miami in the USA. You can find a link to the channel HERE.

Sophia was extremely impressed with the packaging, and when she opened each packet, she was amazed at the delicious ORGANIC smell as well as the quality of our shisha.

Explaining Tuah Herbal was an Australian company producing cornhusk-based shisha, from Malaysia, Sophia prepared two Hookah’s, one with our Shisha Bubblegum flavour and the second with a combination of Shisha Mint and Shisha Watermelon.

On trying the first, double flavour combination of watermelon and mint, Sophia commented on how authentic the aroma and flavour was, with no stale or bitter after-taste, saying it had all the relaxing elements of regular shisha, but none of the TOBACCO. Then Sophia moved to our Bubblegum Shisha – and she was blown away, proclaiming it to be her favorite. It was obvious she enjoyed all three flavours, saying she couldn’t wait to try our Apple Shisha flavour.

Sophia said she had tried herbal shisha before, but never with such a smooth, lasting, authentic taste and was extremely impressed with her Tuah Herbal Shisha experience.

Here at Tuah Herbal, it has been our ambition to spread the message of our shisha globally, and now, with people in Miami, and other parts of the USA, discovering the exceptional quality of our shisha, is it any wonder Tuah Herbal is becoming synonymous with Shisha Australia!

Tuah Herbal – and Australian company, now internationally recognised for our quality and our service.

Link to Rebecca Sophia Scott:

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Non-Sticky Flavours

organic tobacco Australia

There is no doubt that Tuah Herbal has THE BEST herbal flavours on the market, however, we don’t want to stand on our laurels. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our service, our distribution, our Locations, and our products.

We have expanded our business so that you can find a Tuah Herbal location near you. Whether you are in Melbourne, Queensland, Perth, or South Australia, we are here to provide you with THE BEST service, THE BEST Herbal Flavours, at THE BEST value for money Shisha in Australia.

We recently started Shisha Near Me, a concept which enables our customers to have their Shisha experience delivered to them, through our Flagship Shisha Melbourne location, as well as in South Australia, Shisha Brisbane & Gold Coast.

Shisha Near Me has enabled our customers to experience the delicious Herbal Flavour of Tuah Herbal, the only non-nicotine Organic Tobacco in Australia made from Cornhusk.

And our Organic Tobacco Australia brand is now a leader in Herbal Exporting of our unique Cornhusk based, 100% natural Shisha, overseas. But as we said at the beginning of this post; we refuse to stand on our laurels – always looking for ways to improve the Shisha experience.

Welcome to our new NON-STICKY Flavours!

We have been working hard to improve the texture of our shisha as we understood that the ‘gummy’ feel sometimes made it cumbersome to pack your favorite flavour into the bowl.

So, we created our improved formula Shisha.

Our new, Non-Sticky Flavour, better textured Shisha is more finely cut, helping to reduce the tacky feel when packing into the bowl. Here are just some of the ways your experience has been enriched:

  • Our new, less pasty consistency makes removing the shisha from the packet and into your Hookah bowl much easier.
  • Our Non-Sticky Shisha has a longer lasting flavour, in fact, it is approximately 90% stronger in flavour!
  • The improved Non-Sticky Shisha has a longer burn-time due to the less gluey texture-quality; the burn is more consistent and will smoke for between 45min and an hour.
  • Being less sticky, it will take less time to prepare your Hookah & more time to enjoy the experience!
  • No gummy fingers!
  • Helps improve the entire Shisha experience because the improved Tuah Herbal Non-Sticky Flavours also create more impressive plumes of smoke – not only adding to the overall romance of the experience but also making it feel even more like a traditional nicotine-tobacco shisha.
  • Our Shisha is much, MUCH, cheaper than regular nicotine-tobacco Shisha – something we all need to consider.
  • And, we have a comparable packing capacity to regular nicotine shisha!

Whether you are planning a private serine meditative escape, or a party – physical or virtual; Tuah Herbal is the answer. With THE BEST flavours in Australia and THE BEST service, we can give you a positive experience to remember.

Check out our Shisha Near Me option as well as our many locations across Australia.

Tuah Herbal uses Australia Post to ship throughout Australia and we use DHL to ship internationally.

We ship across the globe to all countries except the USA.

*Covid-19. Due to restrictions in travel, there have been some additional delays in shipping times. We ask that you be patient with us and allow 3-5 additional working days for shipping, during this time.

At Tuah Herbal, the Organic Tobacco Australia experience is only a Click away…

Top 3 Shisha Flavour $44.99 Top 3 Shisha Flavour $49.99
Shisha Apple   Shisha Bubblegum
Shisha Mint  Shisha Rose
Shisha Grape  Shisha Orange

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Modern Home Hookah Lifestyle

argileh near me

There are few things more indulgent and sensory activating than the joy of smoking from a Hookah. The sense of freedom, of relaxation, easing yourself into positive energy, erasing all your worries, lowing your stress levels. Today more than ever, we all need a little bit of self-care and decadence, a way to escape, even if it’s just for short while and just into your own thoughts.

Now, Tuah Herbal is helping you create your very own modern hookah luxury escape – right at home.

Whether you are a regular Hookah enthusiast or a first-timer, Tuah Herbal will help you make your experience everything you imagined, and more relaxing than you dreamed possible.

Find your ZEN in our amazing flavours, delicious aromas and divine scents.

We can have your home-experience packed and delivered. All you need to do is order online via our BUY ONLINE option and your delivery will be on it’s way.

We have several locations, nationwide, ready and waiting for your order, so you don’t need to worry, the modern hookah luxury escape experience is available throughout Australia.

Not sure which flavour would have you senses stimulated and your body and mind relaxed? Look for our updates on our Shisha Flavours and our regular blog posts. You’ll find them under Shisha Brisbane, Shisha Melbourne, Shisha Adelaide and Shisha Gold Coast.

We are only an online click away from making you feel like the king or queen of your domain. And you don’t have to worry that your castle will have any stale, nicotine tobacco smells later because at Tuah Herbal, our products are 100% natural, and non-nicotine certified.

All the flavour. All the pleasure. All the romance. None of the smell or nicotine stains.

And because our Shisha is made from cornhusk, it lasts about the same time as regular tobacco shisha, but is much cheaper, environmentally friendly and tastes even better than it smells! It’s true. Many of our non-tobacco smokers, especially those enjoying their very first home-hookah experience, are amazed by the pleasurable experience, and relaxing sensation, without any of the negative inhalation sensations.

Draw in your first fruity flavour, maybe its lemon and grape, or apple, or one of so many different flavour combinations, that very first inhale, absorbing the aroma, and the taste, the mind dreaming of warm summer nights while the body relaxes, that is what your next Tuah Herbal Hookah online order can give you.

Feel like a sultan in your own home, at least for a few ours.

Ever hear the saying, “every man’s home is his Castle”? Make your castle the place to unwind, rest your body, ease your mind, re-energize your spirit, with Tuah Hookah. Your next online order will create your little castle into an oasis of peace and calmness – a place where you can truly relax.

With Tuah Herbal Buy Online, we can take your mind from the stresses and worries, we are all feeling at the moment, and help them evaporate into plumes of flavoured Shisha smoke.

Go to our website and look for Buy Hookah Online and remember to check out our amazing flavour combinations. Shisha Gold Coast and Shisha Brisbane in Queensland. Shisha Melbourne and Shisha Adelaide in the Southern States – your first step to feeling Regal, right in your own home, all you have to do is click on Tuah Herbal buy Hookah online Melbourne, Queensland, Adelaide, and within hours you’ll be more relaxed than you been in months.

You deserve to feel like a King or Queen.

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Shisha Near Me

where to buy shisha tobacco melbourne

There is no denying 2020 has been one heck of a ride so far… 

…and the stress of life is growing. Now more than ever, we need to find ways to relax, to escape, to dream of scented Spring nights, and warm Summer breezes.

Tuah Herbal want to remind our loyal customers that, whatever is happening in the world, and most especially, in Victoria, we need to find moments of pleasure, and look forward to an hour or two of peace and tranquility, while the world resets itself.

With life being as challenging as it is right now, there has never been a better reason for some ‘me-time’, and what could be better than relaxing to the aroma of your favorite fragrance? 

Many people are now using our Tuah Herbal Hookah to help them unwind, with Shisha Flavours like lemon, triple apple, and grape are spoken of as fondly as wine selections once were. Made from a cornhusk and 100% natural, these non-nicotine shisha flavours are as calming as they are aromatic.

We all need to treat ourselves; especially in 2020. Here at Tuah Herbal we want our regular customers, as well as our new customers, to take a time-out, plan moments of leisure, and simply relax. There is enough pressure on us already, let’s stimulate our mind and mood. Let’s make some positive memories.

At Tuah Herbal, we want to make pleasurable experiences as easy as possible. Watch a movie. Take a relaxing bath. Partake of a quiet, relaxing Hookah. Let the world and its problems drift away in plumes of shisha flavoured smoke.

And it has never been easier. Because Tuah Herbal can now offer a delivery service, to your door, or we can arrange contactless pick up from our business location at Port Melbourne.

That’s right. We are offering a new wave of service. Tuah Delivery – to your door. This Shisha Near Me or Hookah Near Me service will be offered, delivered to your door, with your choice of delicious shisha flavours in 150g packets.

Tuah Delivery comes in the following Shisha Flavours:

Premium Flavours
Triple Apple


Shisha Near Me and Hookah Near Me, Tuah Delivery, to your door is only currently available in Melbourne and is limited to a 5KM radius of Port Melbourne. However, Tuah Herbal wants to make the relaxing shisha experience available to as many people as possible. Therefore, while Tuah Delivery may be limited to a 5KM radius of Port Melbourne, Shisha Near Me and Hookah Near Me is still available through contactless pick up at our Port Melbourne

Whether you choose Shisha Near Me / Hookah Near Me through Tuah Delivery, or you arrange for contactless pick-up, orders can be packed and ready for delivery/pick up within 1-2 hours.

Imagine this. Place your order. Take a bath. Relax and enjoy the serenity. And, just as your bath has soothed all the aches of a stressful day out of your body, your Tuah Herbal Delivery arrives at your doorstep. Moments later you are enjoying Lemon-Grape or Triple Apple scents soothing your mind, just as the warm bath soothed your body. Yesterday’s worries drift away in perfumed clouds, and tomorrow’s dreams are scented with fresh apple, citrusy-lemon, or syrupy-sweet grape vines.

To arrange your Shisha Near Me or Hookah Near me delivery please call us on +61 431 379 161

Place your order for Tuah Delivery or Tuah Store Pick Up and within 1-2 hours, your favourite shisha flavour will be at your doorstep, or waiting for your pick-up at out South Melbourne store*

Or, if you are planning a future special celebration, or party, no matter how small and intimate, and would like it to have an exotic edge, filled with romance and memories of a unique and divine evening, call us to discuss how we can help you make that happen.

For now, large-scale parties might be impossible, but there is no reason why we can’t dream, or plan; especially while enjoying our own private shisha experience. With Tuah Herbal Delivery, your shisha flavour sensation is closer than you ever imagined.

*No walk-ins. Please ensure your order before arriving at our Port Melbourne store.

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Tuah Herbal Mint Flavour

Tuah Herbal Mint Flavour

There is no substitute for the refreshing taste and aroma of mint. It’s one of the most popular fragrances and flavours. You can find it in everything from mouthwash to herbal tea, lollies and air freshener… and who can deny the delicious combination of choc-mint ice-cream, the yum of an after-dinner-mint, or the soothing, almost meditating effect of mint tea.

At Tuah Herbal we not only agree that mint is one of THE BEST taste sensations, we also think it is one of the best Shisha blends. Whether you want to have a full 100% mint flavour or make an energising combination, imagine 10% mint, 40% apple and 40% watermelon; for that ‘Summertime Breeze’ feeling, or whether you are looking to blend it with tobacco, nothing beats mint! After all there is a reason why menthol cigarettes are among the most popular.

Our 150g Mint Flavour pouches are an ideal size, allowing you to make you own blends. Why not try a mix of mint and grape. Or how about making something utterly decadent? A luscious blend of mint, apple, and tobacco, with all the refreshing and cooling effects of mint, the tang of apple, but still giving you that ‘menthol cigarette’ hit. Imagine that, apple-mint tobacco – it sounds delish & it tastes even better. And your home, and breath, will smell of the freshness of mint and apple.

But don’t restrict yourself to just one blend combination. Tuah Shisha Mint Flavour can be smoked on its own, for that all-consuming cool and refreshing taste and smell. Or it can be combined with any flavour mix you desire. And always maintaining that just-brushed-my-teeth feeling and aroma.

Some of our most popular Tuah Shisha Mint blends include, Tuah Herbal Mint-Grape and Mint-Watermelon; both giving you a sweet, summer feel. Cool and fresh. Other popular blends are Tuah Herbal Mint & Grape and Mint & Apple. Crisp. Fresh. Soothing. With Tuah Shisha Mint Flavour – the freshness is always there.

Best Ratio mixing is 10% Tuah Mint flavour with any other Shisha flavours.

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Shisha Brisbane & Gold Coast

Shisha Brisbane & Gold Coast

You are surrounded by a circle of your best friends, on holiday in Brisbane or the Gold Coast. There’s a warm ocean breeze drifting from the beach. You and your friends are enjoying some food, a drink or two, when someone decides to order a Hookah to be delivered…

You panic; yes, it’ll be fun and yes it’ll look great, having the hookah, watching the smoke swirl around, while music plays and people relax; but what about the side effects? And what about the smell? Or the stained smokey-walls?

Well, not so with Tuah Herbal – where you can have your ‘Arabian Night’ without the dangers, the smell or staining of tobacco.

There is always a time and a place for the relaxing effects of an herbal hookah with us. Be it Shisha Brisbane, Shisha Gold Coast, in in fact anywhere in Australia – Tuah Herbal is your Herbal Shisha Australia supplier.

Here at Tuah Herbal, we know how relaxing smoking Shisha can be. The pressures of the day swirl away in the plumes of smoke; however we also want to make the experience energising, as well as relaxing, and that’s why we are called Tuah Herbal; because our Shisha blends are made from Cornhusk and not tobacco.

No nicotine stained fingers.

No stale tobacco smell.

No addictive bad habits.

But all the fun and relaxation of a traditional Shisha.

What makes our herbal blends unique, aside from the AMAZING flavour combinations and delicious aromas that will fill your home, is the base product, cornhusk. While many other herbal shisha blends use Sugar Cane, Tuah Herbal is made from Cornhusk not Sugarcane and therefore lasts 50% longer, the same burn-time as regular nicotine tobacco, only cheaper. The experience lasts as long, but costs 4-5 times less than tobacco!

A natural byproduct of growing corn, Cornhusk is bio-degradable, organic and a completely renewable resource. By using cornhusk, we are not only creating jobs within an organic and sustainable industry, we are using a 100% natural product, which benefits the environment, the economy while also helping you feel relaxed.

Recent studies have shown that anthocyanin pigments have been found in corn husk.

What is Anthocyanin?

Anthocyanins are a type of flavonoid with antioxidant effects. In addition to acting as antioxidants and fighting free radicals, anthocyanins may offer anti-viral, and anti-cancer benefits. In herbal medicine, anthocyanin-rich substances have long been used to treat several conditions. Recent research suggests that anthocyanins may help fend off heart disease and cancer.

Anthocyanins are primarily found in red and purple foods, such as purple corn and the husk of purple corn and while we cannot know EXACTLY how much purple corn husk is on our blends, any amount is likely to be of benefit.

What’s more, becoming a regular Tuah Herbal Shisha smoker may help you with your nicotine addiction. There can be no denying that one of the most difficult additions to overcome is nicotine-tobacco. By replacing nicotine-tobacco Shisha with an herbal blend, you will still get the relaxing feeling of smoking, but without all the dangerous nicotine-tobacco side effects.

Struggling to give up nicotine-tobacco smoking?

How about trying to cut back by blending your Shisha with herbal? With each session, you can reduce the tobacco and increase the herbal content. You could even make it a ‘tasting’ session – trying out all the flavours, how about lemon? Or watermelon? Or mango? Why not try some of our most popular flavour combinations, such as Watermelon-Grape; or better still, create your own. Mint and Chocolate. Strawberry and Vanilla. Apple and Cinnamon… the options are literally endless!

Not only will your house smell better, your well-being and energy levels will be improved, your wallet much fuller, and you’ll still be able to get that relaxing sensation you long for after a busy working week or stressful day.

So, whether you are in Queensland or Perth, Adelaide or NSW, Victoria or Tasmania, Tuah Herbal is your first choice herbal Shisha supplier – Australia wide.

Tuah Herbal Shisha tastes yummy, smells divine and, because it’s nicotine-free, there are no carcinogens, no stale aftertaste, no smelly clothes or house and no nicotine-stained walls.

Try Tuah Herbal today; all our reviewers love it – we know you will love it too 

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Tuah Herbal Flavours

Tuah Herbal Flavours

Tuah Herbal mixes are the perfect blend to add to your next shisha session – giving the same tobacco-style smoke as regular tobacco Shisha. What’s more, if you want the tobacco flavour, but still crave that herbal aroma, you can combine Tuah Herbal blends with tobacco. Add as little or as much tobacco as you desire.

And the benefits go beyond convenience.

Combining tobacco and Herbal Shisha is cost effective, saving you money every time you are ready to enjoy your Hookah.

Herbal sells for $45 for 150g
Tobacco sells for $125 for 100g
its almost 2.5x cheaper
Head/Bowl last up to 5-6 bowls

In other words, it’s almost 2.5x cheaper to smoke herbal shisha in place of tobacco.

If you combine say a one third/ two thirds split, so 1/3 third is tobacco and 2/3 is your favourite herbal flavour blend, the price will be less than $14.50 for a 50gm blended pouch; like we said, blending saves money

Talk about Cost Efficient! Over time, you will save a small fortune by creating your own tobacco/herbal blends; or you can have more Hookah Sessions

And speaking of sessions, a blend like this will make one Shisha Head/Bowl last up to 6-8 sessions. So not only does mixing save money, it creates more hookah opportunities, and still tastes great.

But it’s not just the blending that save you money. Stretching your tobacco pouch to last 2-3 times longer, saves you trips to the store. Less travel time equals less travel expenses and more time to enjoy your life. And rest assured, our herbal flavours are the best mix when combining with tobacco, leaving you with that refreshed feeling of Herbal Shisha.

Plus, you have more control.

You can control how much tobacco to use. For example, if tobacco prices go up, you can control the amount of tobacco you mix/blend and therefore smoke. Or you can make up several pouch blends and flavour mixes from one tobacco pouch. One for you with less or more tobacco, depending on your taste, another for your best friends and a third for your next big Hookah Party!

With Tuah Herbal, you can have the perfect blend of Herbal Shisha & Tobacco Hookah that is cost efficient, makes up to 5-6 bowls per Shisha Head, saves you money & time travelling to the shop and still leaves you with that delicious herbal flavour and fragrance… what’s not to like?

And, as always, with Tuah Herbal, whether smoking as an herbal or in combination, the taste sensation remains supreme.

Cost efficient

Makes one Shisha Head/Bowl up to 5-6 sessions

Blending saves money

Mixing saves a small fortune

Cheaper than going to the shop, saving a lot of money

Our herbal flavour is the best mix when combined with tobacco

Still leaves that refreshing feeling of Herbal Shisha

You can control the amount of tobacco you mix/blend and therefore smoke & control the cost as tobacco prices rise.