Why is Summer Better Than Winter for Shisha & BBQ Pairings

1. Outdoor Ambiance

First and foremost, the outdoor ambiance in summer is unbeatable. In the world of shisha, there’s nothing like sitting outside on a warm evening, surrounded by friends, with a cool drink in hand. The warmth of the sun lingers in the air, and there’s a gentle breeze that makes the whole experience feel magical. Smoking shisha in this kind of setting is so much more enjoyable than being cooped up indoors during the winter.

2. Longer breaks during summer

Summer days seem to stretch on forever, which is perfect for leisurely activities like shisha and BBQ. With the sun setting much later, there’s plenty of time to enjoy a relaxed meal and a long shisha session without feeling rushed. I love how these longer days give me the chance to unwind and truly savor the experience.

3. Variety of Fresh Ingredients

One of the best things about summer is the abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables. This variety allows for some amazing shisha flavours and BBQ dishes. I love experimenting with fresh, fruity shisha flavours like watermelon, peach, and mint, which are perfect for hot summer days. Plus, grilling fresh veggies and fruits adds a delicious twist to the BBQ.

4. Vibrant Atmosphere

Summer brings a vibrant atmosphere with festivals, parties, and gatherings happening everywhere. This lively environment makes shisha and BBQ sessions even more enjoyable. There’s always something to celebrate, and having a shisha and BBQ setup becomes the heart of any social event. It’s the perfect way to bring people together and create lasting memories.

5. Beach and Poolside Fun

One of my favorite summer activities is heading to the beach or lounging by the pool. Bringing a shisha setup and a portable BBQ makes these outings even better. The cool breeze from the water and the fun of swimming or just relaxing by the pool make for an ideal setting to enjoy shisha and BBQ. It’s pure bliss.

6. find Perfect Pairings

Summer is the best time to experiment with flavour pairings. I’ve found that certain shisha flavours go exceptionally well with BBQ dishes. For example, a mint-flavored shisha pairs perfectly with grilled lamb, and a citrusy shisha can complement a spicy BBQ chicken. These combinations enhance the overall experience and make each puff and bite more enjoyable.

7. a chance to Socialize

Summer is all about socializing and hosting gatherings. There’s nothing better than inviting friends over for a BBQ and shisha night. The atmosphere is always lively, and everyone enjoys the laid-back vibe. Shisha and BBQ serve as the perfect centerpiece for these social events, encouraging conversations and connections.

8. practice Outdoor Cooking

Grilling outside is one of my favorite summer activities. There’s something about the process of BBQing that’s incredibly satisfying. The smell of food grilling, the sound of sizzling meat, and the act of cooking outdoors make the experience special. Pairing this with shisha creates a relaxed and enjoyable environment where I can cook, eat, and smoke all in one place.

9. Festive Mood

The festive mood of summer is contagious. The longer days, the sunshine, and the general sense of relaxation make everyone more cheerful and open to enjoying the moment. This mood enhances the enjoyment of both shisha and BBQ, making every session feel like a mini celebration.

10. Scenic Views

Finally, the scenic views in summer are breathtaking. Whether it’s a sunset at the beach, a view of the mountains, or just the greenery in my backyard, these beautiful settings make the experience of enjoying shisha and BBQ even more special. There’s something about being surrounded by nature’s beauty that adds to the relaxation and enjoyment.