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This picture is explaining a guide about shiha foil which is best HMD or aluminum foil
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You can choose between HMD metal screen and Aluminium foil. This is the most crucial element of smoking shisha. Without it, you cannot even think of initiating the process. There are many different kinds of shisha foil available and in this blog you will learn what are the best foils for hookah will be. Either you can opt for the traditional foil, that is, by using aluminium foil or modern technologies like HMD. The choice is yours. In today’s shisha foil guide, we will look at some of the characteristics of different types of foils and where we can use them. So, please read it all so you don’t miss anything important.

HMDs Metal Screen

Over the past few years, charcoal screens have evolved to be more reliable and diverse regarding heat control. A charcoal container is placed on top of the bowl in place of aluminium foil. Heat can be easily controlled with these containers, commonly called metal screens. The vents can be opened or closed depending on how much heat you want.

You can be certain that no ash will be deposited in your tobacco when you use metal screens. You will experience unpleasant smoking experiences if you get ash in your tobacco. Meanwhile, hookah aluminium foil is less expensive than metal screens. Replacement and reusability are both possible with metal screens. Metal screens are also handy and reliable, so they are a good choice.

Hole sizes and numbers vary. Tobacco retains more heat due to larger holes because they have greater space between them, maintaining a constant temperature. By doing so, the tobacco is also prevented from acquiring an ashy taste due to the ash not getting into the tobacco. Heat can be hard to regulate in metal screens because they have large holes. Discolouration can also occur on metal screens, even if they continue to operate normally.

Aluminum Foil

Expert hookah players prefer using aluminium foil to regulate the heat in their hookahs. You can adjust the amount of heat according to your preference. The foil punchers can make numerous tiny holes in foil instead of making fewer large holes in metal screens.
Consequently, the tobacco will receive more even heat distribution. This special foil hanging outside creates a foil seal around the bowl’s edge. It is widely believed that using aluminium foil on your hookah bowl will cause health problems among hookah smokers.

HMD vs Aluminum Foil

There are many steps that aluminium foil and metal screen offers. Here are some of the points of hookah foil vs metal screen.


If you are just starting, it can be expensive to invest in a quality HMD, but it will pay for itself over time.
A few dollars will buy you enough foil for hookah for 50 sessions, while a few dollars will buy you just a few sessions. If you want to buy HMD or foil for hookah you can buy it from Tuah at competetive market price.

Getting Ready

An HMD saves you time and eliminates foil if you look for simplicity. It’s as simple as adding the coals, setting them, and forgetting about them!
The process of wrapping a bowl with shisha foil and meticulously punching holes in it takes more time and skill. If you prefer, the pre-poked hookah foil can be purchased for a little more money.

Maintenance of coal

HMDs excel in this area. It serves as both a foil replacement and a maintenance-minimizing device. There will only be a few times you need to ash your coals during your session. Keeping your smoke cool requires periodic foil adjustments because charcoal creates hot spots. The foil will also need to be flipped to a hotter side after a while since the coals on it will “blackout”.

Heat Management

HMDs can be adjusted by opening or closing the lid to add or remove heat. The cover can be completely removed if it becomes too hot. Fixing a “hot” bowl is a little more laborious with foil. A hookah CPR may be necessary if you remove some coals entirely. In any case, it may not be possible to restore your bowl. 

Per Session Coals

HMDs ensure a longer life span for your coals and keep them safe from the elements so that you will use fewer coals.
Your smoking environment determines how you smoke with foil. A light breeze outside or a strong fan indoors can cause your heat management to malfunction, which will quickly consume your coals.


You can’t do that with an HMD. The HMD has to cool down before you can use it again, and you might have to clean any tobacco residue off the bottom. The foil can be thrown away once your session has ended.

Can I use kitchen foil for my shisha?

Generally, hookah smokers use the thinner kitchen foil you find in your kitchen because it is not designed for burning coals at high temperatures. As a result of more delicate foil transferring more heat, you may have to layer your tobacco multiple times. However, this is entirely up to you.
For your bowls, we prefer shisha Foils, which are thicker and measure at about 40 microns, meaning you only need one layer.

Which One is Better?

Aluminium foil is the preferred choice for many people, so use it if necessary. Many people prefer foil because it is cheap, malleable, and speeds up the production process. I think aluminium foil is superior to either of these devices for preparing your hookah, and you should agree with me. Many people have become points of contention about which aluminium foil is best for hookahs and me.
A bowl’s ability to manage heat and maintain airtightness matters here. For optimal heat management, you can choose the size and pattern of the holes in aluminium foil. Even though each of the metal screens and aluminium foils has its advantages, both are good options. As a backup, it can be used if the foils run out in the middle of a project.
As a result, both of them must be set correctly for you to use them. Choosing the one that suits your preference is the key to both being beneficial. Our guide to the best hookah metal screens and aluminium foils will help you make an informed decision. For more you can checkout well explained information by Fumari. 

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