What does shisha taste like and which one suits you ?


mango flavour

“Fruity” flavors are vibrant and can range from the sweetness of ripe berries to the tartness of green apples. This profile encompasses a wide spectrum of fruit notes, including tropical fruits like mango and pineapple, stone fruits like peach and apricot, and even dried fruits like raisins and prunes. Fruity flavors are often associated with freshness and can add a lively character to food and drinks. The good thing is that these are also featured in the top sellers of Tuah.


milky avocado

“Buttery” describes a smooth, creamy taste that is rich and luxurious, often associated with dairy products like butter itself, but can also be found in some oils and fats. It’s a comforting flavor that conveys richness and can make dishes feel more indulgent. In non-dairy contexts, it might describe the smooth texture and richness of certain foods, such as avocados or certain types of fish. Such products are also featured in the hookahs for clearance section.


Rose Swiss Cake Flavour Shisha

“Caramelized” flavors emerge from the process of cooking sugar until it browns, developing a sweet, complex taste that’s much deeper than simple sugary sweetness. This flavor profile can include hints of toffee, butterscotch, and even slightly burnt notes, adding a rich depth to dishes. It’s not just limited to desserts; caramelization can occur in savory dishes too, like roasted vegetables or seared meats, enhancing their natural sweetness.


The “Cooling” effect in flavor profiles is often associated with ingredients like mint or menthol, which activate sensory receptors that perceive coldness, resulting in a refreshing, invigorating sensation. This profile is known for cutting through richness and adding a clean, brisk note to dishes and beverages, making them feel more refreshing.


Orange flavour shisha

“Citrusy” flavors are bright, tangy, and sometimes slightly sweet, reminiscent of citrus fruits such as lemons, oranges, limes, and grapefruits. This profile brings a lively acidity to dishes and drinks, cutting through richness and adding a vibrant, refreshing quality. Citrus notes are often used to balance flavors and add a burst of freshness.


rosewater flavour

“Floral” flavors are delicate and aromatic, evoking the scent and taste of flowers such as lavender, rose, jasmine, or elderflower. These flavors can impart a subtle sweetness and perfume-like quality that’s elegant and sophisticated. Floral notes are often used to add complexity and a light, fragrant touch to both savory and sweet dishes.


triple apple flavour

Beyond its licorice core, star anise unfolds layers of complexity with subtle notes of warmth and sweetness, evocative of spices like cloves, cinnamon, and a touch of peppery nuance. These elements combine to create a multifaceted flavor that is at once invigorating and comforting. There’s a fine balance in star anise between its inherent sweetness and a gentle, underlying bitterness, which ensures its versatility in both savory and sweet culinary applications.


Shisha Chai Flavour

At the heart of chai’s flavor is the black tea base, which provides a robust, slightly astringent backdrop that complements the boldness of the spices. Cardamom adds a sweet, aromatic quality with hints of eucalyptus, while cinnamon brings warmth and a woody sweetness. Ginger contributes its characteristic sharpness and warmth, offering a slightly spicy kick that stimulates the senses. Cloves add a deep, aromatic intensity, and black pepper introduces a subtle heat that lingers on the palate.

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