How do you know if your Hookah Coals are the Best?

closeup of heated shisha charcoals

What are shisha coals ?

This special coals are primarily used to cook your shisha for better smoke production. 

The charcoals are lighted and placed on top of the foil wrapped around your hookah bowl  or heat management devices. The prices of these special bowls can be found here.

As we gather new information, we have updated this guide for you to effectively find the best coals for you and introduce you to our new coconut coal for shisha.

how many different shapes of coals are there?

There are essentially 7 different shapes of charcoals in the market. The differences in size is because each coals are designed to fit into different sized bowls and HMDs. The table below shows the different shapes and description.

Cuboid👉Three-dimensional rectangular shape stick. 
✅The flat sides, makes it stable and will not cause heat spikes. 
❌Quick lights coals are of this shape so be wary.
Hexagonal👉Coconut shell coals are in the forms of hexagonal sticks.
✅Generally produces heat evenly due to their stable build.
Flat👉These coals have a single flat bar, unlike cubes.
✅These are better suited for short hookah session.
👉It is recommended to use flats if you’re using foils to cover the fire.
❌Heat management devices cannot accomodate flat shapes in general.
Quarterly-circled👉Follows the shape of HMDs lotuses and Razor HMDs .
✅Easy to manoeuvre with tongs when fresh.
❌As they burn and lose shape, it becomes brittle.
Cubettes👉A hybrid between flats and cubes.
❌Have the same drawbacks as the cubes.
Cubes👉Most common shaped coal in the market.
✅It heats evenly because of its’ flat sides.
✅It burns slowly
✅Compatible with all hookah bowls.
Finger coals👉Also known as stick coal, are another popular type of coal.
✅Some cylindrical shapes make them perfect for stacking on top of a hookah bowl.

what are these charcoals made of ?

👉Natural coals

As the name implies, natural hookah charcoal is made up of natural ingredients. There is bamboo, orangewood, and lemonwood can also be used. 

But, at Tuah Shisha, we use natural coconut shells as the main ingredient for our coals. These coals takes an average of 6-10 minutes to be completely lit. Why? Because longer lit times equals longer hookah sessions.

Tuah Shisha Australia


  • Doesn’t disrupt the original taste of your shisha.
  • Lasts for hours  without adding more coals.
  • Produces lesser smoke when lit.
  • Distributes Heat evenly on its’ surface.
  • Best for long super chill sessions.


  • Takes a while to be lighted.
  • Highly dependant upon room conditions (ie moisture, dryness)
  • Not for the impatient.

With all-natural hookah coal formulas, you will experience smooth flavors from your shisha that won't be affected by any chemicals added to your charcoal, such as sulfur or quick-lighting accelerants.


👉Quick Light coals

As the name implies, these coals light up quickly. These coals are the most ideal for travellers and very mobile people. It takes 30 seconds for it to be completely lit. The added benzene in these charcoals  does not release carbon monoxide.


  • Takes 30 seconds to be lit!
  • Ideal for really quick sessions.
  • Easiest to travel around with.


  • Can affect your original shisha flavour.
  • The smoke produced from these coals has a slight strong odour.

Quick-light coals are convenient, easy-to-use hookah charcoal that you don't need any special equipment to light. Using quick-light hookah coals lets hookah smokers enjoy their shisha anywhere.


industrial insights they dont tell you about. don't get tricked !

It is important for you to know how your coals are made in the factories. For experienced shisha users, they can tell the difference between a good sesh and a bad one. We wrote a blog about this.

❌For instant-light charcoal, the culprit is in the added content (i.e. benzene), where it allows for artificial ignition speeds.  

❌Conventional coal brands also use wood and sawdust as fillers so that they can sell for cheaper prices.

❌Smoking shisha with these fillers produces strong, unpleasant odour when ignited.

❌Lighter coals burn quicker which indicates that low quality ingredients are used.

✅Hookah sessions are definitely the best with natural coconut coals. And that is what we offer. 

✅It is tasteless and odourless when burned.

✅ The heat produced sustains longer per session. 

✅Darker coals typically contain more higher quality ingredients.

How do you differentiate between the good and bad charcoals?

High-Quality Poor Quality
👍Light produces little to no smell 👎Emits an unpleasant smell
👍Doesn’t affect your original shisha taste 👎Taste of coal is apparent
👍Produces very little ash 👎Generally more ash built up
👍Longer & sustained burning 👎Shorter burning periods

things to keep in mind before buying your coals.

Checklist Tips and description
Hardness It should not  break when being held with tongs. Test its hardness by placing it on hard surface and tapping it.
Density Coconut charcoal is dense compared to wood. Test it by dunking it in water. Coconut charcoal will float. If it doesn’t discard it.
Ignition period The ideal ignition period usually takes 7-10 minutes, depending on the size. Charcoal must be covered with ash on the surface before use.
Odour Intensity The smell at ignition  should disappear once the hookah is lit and placed in the hookah bowl.
Smoke Presence It’s normal for charcoal to emit smoke. But, good charcoal only emits smoke around ignition and would subside afterwards.

how to properly light the coals ?

Natural coals

Electric coil stove or single coil heater

Set the coals directly on the heating element and flip them after 3 to 4 minutes. Wait until all the black surfaces turn red/orange and are covered in a layer of gray ash, which usually takes 5 to 10 minutes. To buy this item, you can check out our hookah accessories for sale in australia.

Gas stove

Light the gas stove and put the flame to medium or high. Use tongs to place the coals on the flame, and wait for them to turn red from black, eventually gray. Then, take one piece off the flame at a time as each burns thoroughly

quick light coals


Hold a tablet of coal in a pair of tongs above an open flame, such as a lighter or match. Once the sparking ceases, place the coal on your hookah’s tray or in a hookah charcoal holder until there is a layer of ash covering it

When using quick-light coals, ensure that the entire piece is sparkling before using it, and for natural coals, wait until they are fully lit to avoid inhaling carbon monoxide

These methods should help you properly light your hookah coals for an enjoyable smoking experience.

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