An Ultimate Guide to Host a Hookah Party (10 Tips)

The Ultimate Guide to Hosting a Shisha Party at Home 2023

1. start planning

  • Determine the appropriate number of hookahs needed. Start with 3 first. Then, see how it goes.
  • Choose some easy flavours to start with. Like fruit shishas and so on.

2. find an ideal location

  • Consider holding the party outside for better ventilation.
  • Select a comfortable and inviting location with good room and easy movements.
  • Basement or backyards are also good options.
  • Arrange seating in a circular configuration for easier passing of the hose & easier conversations.
  • Decorate the area with soft lighting, such as fairy lights, lanterns, or candles, for a relaxed atmosphere

3. Arrange your tables

  • Arrange seating in a circular configuration for easier passing of the hose & easier conversations.
  • Decorate the area with soft lighting, such as fairy lights, lanterns, or candles, for a relaxed atmosphere.
  • This is the best time for you to decide on the best shisha hookah bowls combination for your guests.
  • Sitting on the floor is ok if you have cool tiles so that your guests are more relaxed.

4. create a guestlist

  • Use your phone to find your friends you want to invite.
  • Get their confirmation.
  • Confirm your final guestlist a day before the party.
  • Start ordering food and takeaways if possible.

5. decide on a theme

You can choose from a variety of themes, such as the Arabian Nights, Mediterranean, Hippie, Modern, or even something classy and historic which takes you back to the time when was first introduced. Here we have shared a couple of interesting themes.

tea party theme

 With tea on the side, you can have several exquisite and fine blends like spiced chai or citrus tea which can be incorporated to keep you hydrated while smoking. You can also serve some snacks along with tea like donuts, sandwiches, and toast for food cravers.

Middle eastern theme

Hookah smoking has its origin in cultural traditions and royal celebrations of the East. Thus, an excellent way to build ambiance would be to introduce an exotic theme of a middle eastern café. Cuisines like falafel, hummus, pita, kebabs, and dates are great together with Turkish coffee, Kahwa, and mint tea.

chill and relax theme

 Floor seating is always a good idea since it is cozy, comfortable, and relaxing. Additionally, for a more realistic touch, you can place intricate, jewel-colored antiques, designed walls, and vaulted ceilings. To create a shadowy setting and a dark mood you can place lamps and disc lights or even glass lanterns with flickering lights. You can also light scented candles with soft husky aromas.

modern vibes

However, for a more modern effect, you can go with vibrant lighting using LED lights or lava lamps. Fluorescent lighting should be avoided in all cases because a party is all about dark rooms and accent lights.

Custome theme

Everyone now has a chance to play dress-up like never before. Think about halloween, independence day, Australia day, Melbourne Cup, Christmas, Thanksgiving and much much more.

Campfire style

 While you enjoy your sessions, why not have a super relaxed and warm gathering with your friends. This is perfect because it is outdoors and requires very little arrangement.


There are no limitations to a hookah party. A birthday is a party. So, bring in your friends that loves hookahs at the most important celebration of your year.

pool party

Pool parties are unique on it’s own. You can invite influencers, artists, and famous individuals in the shisha niches. This would require a big guests list and high energy vibes and beautiful bikinis walking around the aisle.

6. give kind reminders and Etiquette

  • Invite only people who are comfortable and are experieced.
  • Educate newcomers about proper hookah etiquette and safety, such as not inhaling too deeply and waiting their turn to puff on the hose.
  • Be mindful of guests who might be sensitive to smoke and designate a smoke-free area
  • Offer non-alcoholic beverages like iced tea, lemonade, or infused waters to keep guests hydrated
  • Encourage responsible alcohol consumption and monitor alcohol intake

7. Create games and activities

  • Choose a  music playlist like RnB, classic or slow hip-hop to suit the atmosphere.
  • Choose games that are fun. Such as contests for the longest smoke ring or most creative smoke tricks.
  • Provide a variety of snack options, ranging from traditional Middle Eastern or crackers.

8. hire a dj

  • Based on your theme, choose a set of music that suits it.
  • Check out some small but talented DJs, depending on your budget.
  • Discuss with your DJ on prices, time and comment on your playlist or other songs that he/she can recommend.

9. Prioritize safety and regulations

  • Supervise the area where the hookah is being used
  • Keep a first aid kit and fire extinguisher close by
  • Stay informed about local laws regarding open flames and public gatherings
  • Communicate with neighbors beforehand if hosting the party outdoors

10. post party cleanup

  • Have plenty of trash bags and recycle bins available for guests to dispose of waste properl
  • Assign a cleanup crew to help tidy up after the part
  • Begin cleaning immediately after the party ends to minimize staining and ease the cleaning process

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