enjoy your hoookah always

Tips and Tricks to Enjoy your Hookah Sessions

use ice cold water

A guide on How Much Water To Put In Hookah: A Guide For Beginners

As the smoke passes through the cold as water, it softens the sensation on the throat and makes it smooth. Unlike traditional cigarettes where you are absorbing the smoke directly into your throat and lungs, a sheesha has a built water filtration system.

The water is the key. The colder the water, the fresher the experience. As you begin to smoke, your water get warmer over time. Make sure it is cool throughout the session and replace the water when needed.

use fresh tobacco

Fresher tobacco will ALWAYS deliver a fresher, enhanced, more enjoyable, experience. Tuah Shisha has a variety of Shisha and hookah flavours ensuring you an amazing shisha experience.

Not all tobaccos are created equal. Avoid using tobacco that has been ‘stashed’ for a long period of time, as it’s likely lost its freshness and may even have a stale, or damp aroma. Obviously, this will not feel great overall.

blow air regularly into the pipe


An underappreciated best practice when smoking a hookah is to blow some air into the bottle from time to time. The idea is to get rid of the trapped smoke inside and if it doesn’t get replaced, it becomes stale.

You must always use quality hookah pipes. Old, or uncleaned pipes, will, over time, gradually build up an undesirable odour, that is likely to negatively impact the taste, and aroma, with each huff.

pack sufficient tobacco (don't overdo it)

When you pack the flavours, there is such thing as just the right amount. Some poeple go on with stuffing too much flavours into the bowl, which eventaully spoils it through and through.

To keep things simple, just use a very small amount of tobacco before starting your session. As you get used to it, then you can slowly use slightly more in the future to get a feel of what a good session should taste like.

use a vortex bowl

A vortex prevents the tobacco from getting burnt from the inside. Which is a common issue amongst hookah users. This special bowl prevents ashes from covering th holes. These are easy to find in our hookah accessories online store here.

In the event that tobacco juice or ashes flow out, this will contaminate your water, which eventaully affects your smoke flavours.

use natural charcoals


As you know it, natural coconut charcoals gives you a  fresher, natural taste. As compared to the opposite which is quick light coals. But, when using natural coals, please be patient. As it can take some time to heat up. Your patience will be rewarded with longer burning and better heat distributions during your sessions.

replace your water often

Always use fresh water before a new session starts. Additionally, if you are having a long hookah session, we advise to replace the water at least twice during a 2-3 hour long session. As smoke is filtered through the water, it is only a matter of time before it starts to affect your flavours.

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