How we started our online shisha business

Crafting an Online Business strategy

Creating a detailed business plan was my first step. This included an executive summary, a thorough market analysis, and a clear marketing and operations strategy. I meticulously planned my finances, ensuring that every dollar was accounted for and used effectively. I also hired digital marketers, SEO specialist and professional website builders to build this E-commerce website for me.

finding the Perfect factory Location in melbourne

Selecting the right location for the production center for Tuah Shisha was crucial. I chose a spot which is easy and has great logistics so that my products are able to be shipped out quicklg and efficiently. This decision was based on extensive research into my target market and competition.

Hiring and Training the Best Staff

A great team is the backbone of Tuah Shisha. I hired friendly, knowledgeable staff who share my passion for shisha. Comprehensive training ensures they are well-versed in all aspects of shisha preparation and customer service. This includes email to customers, providing 24/7 support to potential online buyers, shipping compliances, knowledge sharing of our products.

Innovative digital Marketing Strategies

To attract and retain customers, I implemented a robust marketing strategy using Facebook, Youtube, Tiktok, Instagram, Pinterest and Linkedin. We have a strong online presence, engaging with customers through social media, email newsletters, and our website. Special promotions, loyalty programs, and unique events like themed nights and shisha happy hours keep our clientele excited and coming back for more.

proper Financial Management and Growth

Tracking finances meticulously helps us stay on top of our game. We constantly ensure that we can break high margins as we grow together as a team. Regular reviews of our budget and financial goals ensure we are on the right path. This disciplined approach allows us to invest in new opportunities and innovations.

Staying Compliant and Safe

Compliance with all local laws and regulations is a top priority because different states in Australia requires different documentation for compliance to the local laws. We have all the necessary licenses and adhere to fire and safety standards to provide guranteed quality control and assurance to all our online customers.

Personalized Customer Service

We pride ourselves on personalized customer service. From remembering regular customers’ favorite flavors to offering recommendations for newcomers, we strive to make every visit special. We write blogs on how you can combine these flavours as a guide for our future customers.

Introducing Shisha Delivery Services

To further enhance our customer experience, we introduced shisha delivery services. This allows our customers to enjoy their favorite shisha flavors in the comfort of their homes. Our delivery service ensures that each order is prepared with the same care and attention to detail as if they were sitting in our lounge, bringing the Tuah Shisha experience right to their doorstep.

Bringing in new flavours like fruit

At Tuah Shisha, we are always looking for ways to enhance our customers’ experience. Recently, we introduced a range of exotic fruit flavors to our menu. These new options include flavors like mango, watermelon, and mixed berries, each crafted to provide a refreshing and unique shisha experience. The vibrant and natural taste of these fruit flavors adds a delightful twist to traditional shisha, making every session enjoyable and exciting. Come and try our new fruit flavors and discover your new favorite!