first time shisha smoke

How to Smoke Shisha for the First Time

Phase 1: hookah preperation

1. setup your base

shisha set-up
  • Remove the Stem (metal tube) from the vase (water tank).
  • Pour water into the vase. Return the Stem, ensuing it is 1 to 1.5cm submerged in the water.
  • To ensure a good blend of juice and shisha flavour, always mix the two before placing in the bowl.
  • Select your favorite hookah flavour and fill the Shisha bowl, making sure not to over fill.
  • Place your Heat Management Device (HMD) onto the bowl, choosing your HMD fits perfectly placed on your Shisha bowl.

2. connect your hoses

Depending on your hookah model, you’d just have to connect to either 2 hoses or 4 hoses, which is then attached to the stem. Make sure the connections are air-tight.

3. setup your bowl

hookah bowl with flavour
  • Fill the hookah bowl just below the rim and pack it loosely enough to allow for airflow.
  • Pack the flavour in the bowl firmly. Make space around the bowl by creating a doughnut shape with a poker or toothpick. 
  • This will help the heat flow evenly through the tobacco.
  • In case you are wondering what bowls to use, you can click here to see more.

phase 2: shisha preperation

1. Setup your heat management device

  • Place your Heat Management Device (HMD) onto the bowl. 
  • Make sure the shisha does not touch the HMD as it will cause it to overheat which could spoil the flavor.
  • For more info on what HMD to use, click here.

2. prepare your coals

  • Heat up your shisha coals and make sure they are ember red.
  • During the session, you should only use two coals to get the heat right and prevent burning of the flavor.
  •  Once the taste the flavor, you can add another coal to intensify the session.
  • Don’t put too much heat on the flavor at early point as a shock, this will give unpleasant taste.
  • We recommend using natural coals because it gurantees longer sessions.

3. move the coals to the heat managment device

  • When the Shisha Charcoals are hot, move to the Heat Management Device so that the embers heat up the Shisha head bowl and release the flavour and aroma.
  • To heat up the shisha flavor, place the lid back on the HMD for 5 minutes. Take off the lid once you have taste flavor in your mouth, add coal #3 and you can enjoy your hookah experience.
  • Our shisha flavours have a certain heat point. If the charcoal is too hot, it will burn the flavours, so it’s important not to let the charcoal get too hot.

6. use foils for better heat control

  • For a better heat management, always use double foil when smoking Tuah-flavored shisha. This will make the session more enjoyable and the heat not too direct to the flavor in the bowl.
  • Make sure the matte side of the foil faces toward the coal and the shinny side is turned inward.
  • Always place the coals on the side of the bowl and never in the middle.

phase 3: start smoking

  • Smoke via the hose with gentle inhales at a slow and steady pace.
  • Move the charcoal tabs every 15 minutes to distribute the heat.
  • Tap the coals with tongs to knock off the ash, then flip them over.
  • After 1 hour of smoking using our bowls, replace the used hookah and setup a new one.
  •  Read more on the best way to control your water level of your hookah.
  • Once you are good at the basic, you can learn more smoke tricks to elevate your experience.

When it comes to Shisha and Hookah, be it product or service, with Tuah Australia, you’re set.

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