How to Do Smoke Tricks

Step 1: gather some thick smoke

  • Practice in a room with little air flow to keep the smoke concentrated.
  • Work on keeping the smoke in your mouth.

once you master that, you can choose any of these common tricks.

1. Smoke Rings:

  • Gather the smoke in your mouth, then open your mouth and make an “O” shape with your lips. Push the smoke out by opening and closing your throat to create smoke rings

2. Ghosting or Double Inhalations:

  • Take a drag, keep the smoke in your mouth, then exhale slowly. Open your mouth halfway and exhale the smoke for a few seconds. Inhale the smoke back into your mouth quickly. This is known as the Ghost Inhale

3. French Inhale:

  • Take a drag, keep the smoke in your mouth, then push your bottom lip out to let the smoke escape from your mouth, drifting upwards. Inhale slowly through your nose to create a reverse waterfall effect

4. Waterfall:

  • Take a drag, keep the smoke in your mouth, then exhale the smoke from your mouth, letting it drift upwards. Inhale the smoke through your nose to create a waterfall effect

5. Smoke Tornado:

  • This trick involves blowing smoke into a paper towel roll or using your hands to create a tornado-like shape with the smoke

6. Smoke Bubbles:

  • This trick involves blowing smoke into bubbles to create smoke-filled bubbles.

what are some common mistakes beginners make ?

  • Inhaling smoke into the lungs instead of keeping it in the mouth
  • Not practicing in a room with minimal air flow.
  • Using water bongs and pipes, which are more difficult for smoke tricks
  • Not using a hookah, which produces thicker smoke.
  • Not taking short breaths in, puffing cheeks out slightly, to keep smoke in the mouth.
  • Not practicing the French Inhale or Ghost Inhale, which are good beginner tricks.
  • Not adapting to different techniques for various smoke tricks
  • Not practicing patience and repetition to improve skills.

how can i learn these tricks quicker?

  • You need to be in a still environment, like your room , with no wind or any moving air.
  • It is still possible to do smoke tricks in a windy environment. But you must first learn to gather smoke efficiently in your mouth for long periods of time.
  • Practice at least 3 times a week to improve your skills over time.
  • Be patient.
  • Talk to your friends on how to improve your tricks.

what are some misconceptions about doing smoke tricks ?

1. smoke tricks are 100% safe

While smoke tricks may look cool, they still involve inhaling smoke. So practice with absolute focus and precaution.

2. it can be done with any type of smoke

Smoke tricks are typically done with cannabis or hookah smoke, as they produce thicker plumes of smoke that are easier to manipulate

3. it is easy to learn

While some smoke tricks may be easier than others, they all require practice and patience to master

4. It can only be done by smokers

It can performed with vaporizers or e-cigarettes, but it is important to remember that inhaling any type of smoke has its’ drawbacks.

5. it is just for show

Smoke tricks are just for show: While smoke tricks may be entertaining, they can also be a way to enhance the smoking experience and explore different techniques for inhaling and exhaling smoke.

What are the most advanced tricks ?

Triangle smoke

  • Before you can start doing other shapes, master making O rings first.
  • Blow a thick O ring.
  • Quickly reach out to the ring and tap down twice on each side to form a triangle.
  • Creating triangles needs good timing and precision.

double, triple rings

  • To make double rings, place a finger over your mouth.
  • Press and pull down slightly on the top lip to split the mouth’s opening into two sections. 
  • To make triple rings, use two fingers to split your lips before you exhale the smoke.

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