How To Blow Smoke Rings

How To Blow Smoke Rings

step 1:

Take a mouthful of smoke. Don’t inhale it. Make sure to use our shisha flavours for thicker smoke. 

step 2:

While dragging your tongue toward the back of your mouth, keep it pointed toward the bottom.

step 3:

Form an “O” circle with your cheeks. You can do that by opening your mouth backward.

step 4:

Blow a smoke ring with your lower jaw forward. When you click your jaws together, you should produce a short burst of air.

step 5:

Expel a small amount of smoke by pushing air through your lips as you contract your glottis. As you force that little bit of air out of your mouth, keep your lips still.

watch this video on how we do smoke rings

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*Tuah tips

If you want impress someone, you can use a cellophane wrapper. By burning and making a hole in it, you can blow the gathered smoke in your mouth through it. You will get effortless and perfect hookah smoke rings.

what are some ways to get better ?

1. start with the basics

Master the fundamental smoke tricks like blowing smoke rings before moving on to more advanced techniques.

2. Practice controlled breathing

Perfect your controlled breathing while practicing various shapes and tricks. Practice makes perfect, so be patient and persistent.


Once you’ve mastered the basics, experiment with forming different shapes with the smoke, such as triangles or jellyfish, to enhance your skills.

4. Use a mirror

Practicing in front of a mirror can help you visualize the shapes you are creating with the smoke and make adjustments to improve your technique.

5. practice with Friends in bars

Practicing with a group of friends can create a fun and encouraging environment for learning and mastering new shisha tricks. And being in the bar forces you to be better than the rest.


Learning smoke tricks takes time and practice, so be patient with yourself and keep practicing to improve your skills.

7. practice at home

As a complete beginner, practising at home is the sure way to be better. Choose a room with very little wind movement and disturbance.

8. Watch youtube videos

For more visual learners, it is better to watch youtube videos with step by step guide on how to do those tricks. Emulate and practice over time.

9. practice on a budget

For some users, owning a hookah can be expensive. But, buying something cheaper like a vape pen can be a good start to learn making smoke rings. Once you get better and you have saved more money over time, you can then go and own a hookah and start doing rings with that instead.

10. set a schedule and track progress

Once you have started to practice, it is good to track and schedule your practice times. Start at 8pm 2 hours before going to bed and write a journal to assess how you did today vs yesterday. Practice at least more than 4 times a week. The more you practice the better.

what other alternative devices can you use to do smoke rings ?

1. Vape Pen

 A popular device among e-cigarette users, vapes produce vapor that can be manipulated to form smoke rings when exhaled correctly.

2. Air Vortex Cannons

These homemade contraptions utilize basic materials like buckets, bungee cords, and plastic sheets to generate massive smoke rings through an air vortex effect.

3. Mini Smoke Ring Generators

There are DIY projects and designs available online that showcase smaller versions of smoke ring generators, often utilizing compressed air sources or specialized mechanisms

4. Cigars

To blow smoke rings, you need to draw a mouthful of smoke from your cigar and keep it in your mouth without inhaling.

5. smarties

Some claims that you can create smoke rings with smarties, but that is not true. You can create “smoke particles”. But nothing close to rings.

6. pipes

Similar to blowing “O’s”, there are also different methods using the pipe. Such as using the tongue-push method or tapping the cheek.

7. Cigarettes

In comparison to our tobacco free flavours, a cigarette might be possible. Although, it is not the best and has very unsatisfying sensation when doing so.

8. glass Bong

Another way some people get away without useing hookah is a bong. More famously used in the united states. And costs much more less than a standard hookah. Although, we personally think the smoke volume is not as satisfactory as a proper, well-built hookah.

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