A guide on How Much Water To Put In Hookah: A Guide For Beginners

How Much Water To Put In Hookah

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Some recommends to fill the base with water so that the downstem is immersed approximately 1 inch (2.54 cm) below the water surface.

If a diffuser is used, the end of the downstem should be considered at the first row of holes at the top of the diffuser.

The combination with a series of hookah flavors with larger hookahs with more space between the water surface and the heart of the hookah, you can immerse the downstem 1-2 inches (about 3-5 cm) below the water surface.

Adding more water helps keep the smoke cooler for longer periods. This guideline ensures a proper balance for a satisfying smoking experience

how often should you change the water ?

It is generally recommended to change the water in your hookah after each session. If you use your hookah regularly, you should change the water at least every 2-3 days.

However, some users suggest changing the water every day to maintain hygiene and ensure a fresh smoking experience. If you don’t change the water after each session, you risk contaminating the hookah and potentially causing health issues

why is water so essential?

The moisture allows smoke to pass smoothly and cooled through the hose then into your mouth.

By cooling the vapour, any coal or ash particles or ash will remain at the bottom of your hookah, rather than being drawn directly into it. This will prevent your smoke becoming heavier.

Is it possible to smoke without water at all?

Yes it is possible. But, Smoking with water is almost the same as cigars. Imagine the elements being inhaled into your system.

Water allows you to mix flavoured fruit taste without causing a further burning. Hence, creating a moother experience.

How do you know if there is excess water ?

You will know it when you start inhaling and it is actually difficult to collect smoke in your mouth.

Furthermore, there is a possibility that the water can reach the proximities of the hookah bowl or the hose. So, you’d want to completely avoid that from happening.

How do you know if it is too little water ?

You may also notice that your shisha burns too hot or that your coals need to be rotated way too quickly. If rotating the coal isn’t working, then that is the sign that you need to add more water than your current level.

When there is too little water, it can result in hotter and harsher smoke, which is not recommended for your throat.

is there a way to enchance the experience further?

Of course there is ! All you have to do is add ice cubes to the base at controlled amounts just as you started puffing. As you add it, watch out for the water level and make sure it is not excessive.

If you add ice to the smoke, the taste will be extra smooth and cool, which can be very pleasing.

The downstream should be dipped in only half an inch to one inch of water for a good smoke, even with ice. 

Smoking hookah is fun and refreshing. Just like a summer breeze, we aim to make your smoking experience a memorable one.


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