A guide on How Much Water To Put In Hookah: A Guide For Beginners

How Much Water To Put In Hookah

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Hookah is a traditional oral way of smoking tobacco, and it uses a different technique than other smoking methods. People who are new to smoking hookah might not be aware that it uses water. Therefore, they do not know how much water to put in hookah. Thus, we have bought a guide for beginners to understand how much water is required in Hookah base.

What Is Hookah?

Hookah is a smoking device commonly used for vaporising and smoking tobacco, flavoured tobacco, or, occasionally, cannabis, hashish, and opium. It is first passed through a water basin, often made of glass, before being inhaled to inhale smoke.

Why Does Hookah Use Water?

As a primary cooling and smoothing agent, hookah bases contain water. Moisture particles are attracted to the smoke as it passes through the water.

By cooling the vapour, any coal or ash particles or ash will remain at the bottom of your hookah, rather than being drawn directly into it. In addition, your hookah will become heavier as a result.

Water is necessary for hookah smoking because it cools and diffuses your smoke, allowing you to enjoy it more comfortably.

How Much Water To Put In Hookah

It is still a question of how much Water is required in hookah base. It depends on the size of the hookah base. In general, the hookah base is filled with 1 or 2 centimetres of water. However, to know how much water to put in hookah be sure to dry it before using it. The glass base of the hookah will reveal where the stem ends. The hookah stem must be submerged in the water for about two inches if adding water. Check that the water level is correct after placing the stem into the base.

Too Much Water In Hookah?

If you add more water than needed, inhaling through the hookah hose will be difficult. Furthermore, there is a risk that water could find its way into the shisha bowl or the hose.

Too Less Water In Hookah?

To ensure that you have a successful smoke session, you need to recognize the signs and symptoms of too much and not enough water, and you should also know how much water you should drink. You may also notice that your shisha burns too hot or that your coals need to be rotated. If rotating the coals isn’t helping, you may need to add more water to the hookah.

When your hookah is too dry, it can result in the same sensation as completely dry. The hotter and harsher the smoke, the more your throat might burn.

Can You Smoke Hookah Without Water?

Hookah is giving yourself a flavoured fruit taste without causing a burning sensation. However, if it burns your throat, it will affect your lungs too. Hookah without water is like smoking cigarettes. Cigarette elements are inhaled, and they get stuck in our lungs in a similar way in which hookah without water is inhaled. It may as well be a cigarette or cigar if you don’t use water in your hookah since the experience will be much the same, and setting up a hookah is long enough that you might as well not enjoy the benefits.


I believe that the whole purpose of adding water in a hookah is to cool down the smoke. All you have to do to enhance the cooling properties of your water is add an ice cube to the base.

If you add ice to the smoke, the taste will be extra smooth and cool, which can be very pleasing. Add ice to your vase, but don’t let it raise the water level significantly. The downstream should be dipped in only half an inch to one inch of water for a good smoke, even with ice. If you still do not know how much water to put in hookah, you must read the article carefully.

Smoking hookah is fun and refreshing. Just like a summer breeze, we aim to make your smoking experience a memorable one.


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