How long does shisha last? Secret tips for longevity

Conventional shisha tobacco normally lasts for 1-2 years. Unopened shisha can last up to two years. Opened packages can last up to 6 months before going stale. Tobacco free shisha or fruit shishas can last for up to 1-2 years as well. 

new insights about shisha expiration

where to find the expiry date of shisha ?

Generally, the date of expiry can be found at the back of the packaging. Our shisha has always the right date printed at the back of the packaging. Please ensure that the shisha you buy is still fresh has at least a year in lifespan before expiry. Same goes with the 1kg hookah flavors as the oingredients are pretty much similar besides the quantity.

is there a change in quality when smoking expired shisha ?

Generally, yes. As the expiry date gets closer, the flavor strength of the shisha product starts to diminish. It’s common for people to experience more headaches when smoking a product that has expired, which is usually after the one-year mark. At around one year and six months, the quality of the shisha flavor starts to deteriorate significantly.

what are the signs of a stale shisha ?

  • Changes in texture and moisture content (when the texture gets really dry)
  • Loss of flavor and aroma
  • Visual signs of discolouration
  • Buildup of mold

what affects the longevity ?

  • Direct exposure to sunlight.
  • High surrounding temperatures
  • High humidity of sorrounding areas

tips for extending the shelf life

Most lounges tend to transfer their 1-kilo pack to an airtight tub. This way, it’s easier to handle and pack into shisha bowls for serving customers. Besides, using the airtight tub provides better storage. (Also, if you happen to notice, using a flat container is actually better than a taller one because it allows the flavor to be more accessible and makes it easier to stir and blend the flavors together). The container that you can use is the Sistema Brilliance Large Rectangle

Customers typically transfer it to a smaller airtight container or use resealable zip lock
packaging to store it in the fridge, such as using the Sistema Ultra Tritan Canister Square 460mL