How to use a heat management device for a hookah ?

  • Prepare the hookah bowl with a flavour of your choice.
  • When the charcoal is glowing red hot, put it in the HMD on top of the bowl.
  • Wait for the coal to cook/heat up the bowl in five minutes to 10 minutes.
  • Close the lid to heat it quicker.
  • Once the hookah bowl is hot enough, you may start your session.
  • To manage the heat flow, adjust the heat management device.
  • If unsure, take the lid out completely.

What Are HMDs?

It is a device that distributes heat to the coals uniformly and evenly. They are designed to easily navigate and control heat so that hookah smokers don’t have to worry so much about changing coals everytime.

what are the different types of hmds?

alpha hookah Stainless Steel HMD


Lotus styles are among the most popular types. It consists of a zinc alloy rotatable lid and a cylinder base. However, they may take more time to heat up than other new ones, but it has excellent heat retention. It may consume more charcoal than the different types. The vents of lotus HMD are of a lotus shape.


It looks almost like lotus style with a base and a lid. At the same time, the difference between razor and lotus styles is their compatibility with charcoal. Razor style can accommodate both flat and cubes of charcoal. However, it does not have much airflow resulting in the restriction of smoke. It consumes less charcoal as it is made up of aluminium.


This piece is also identical to lotus, but it differs in the shape of the vents, and it has fan-shaped adjustable vents allowing more airflow.


This device can adjust side vents. Consequently, a more significant amount of air is provided quicker to burn. Likely, charcoal will not last very long, so expect thick clouds of smoke.

Heat Management Device Guide
Play Video about Heat Management Device Guide

what are the benefits of using HMDs ?


better control of flavors

You can control the flavour of shisha by selecting one or combining several. In this way, you will have a wide range of shisha flavours available.

airflow control

By using a foil, you may not be able to control the airflow, but by using heat management hookah, you can enhance your experience. You can choose how much charcoal smoke you want to inhale.

sessions tend to last longer

When you use it, charcoal will last for a more extended period as it slowly burns. You will use charcoal less frequently. You have to replace the aluminium foil quickly if you burn charcoal over it.

the smoke produced becomes smoother

Generally you will inhale smoother, cleaner, and tastier clouds, with less ash, ultra-fine particles, and hot fumes from the coals. You will also spend less time changing heads and coals.

it beats foils by the mile

Heat travels less quickly through the foil, and there is less room to travel laterally. Because the foil is so thin, it doesn’t hold as much heat, and a lot of it will get radiated into the air instead.

HMDs are the total opposite – thicker, so the heat has more room to dissipate as it travels downwards. Right beneath the coal, the shisha doesn’t get as hot as it would with using just a foil. The thick aluminium walls allows for effective heat conducted around the bowl consistently.

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