Beginner's and pro's guide to HMDs

What Are Heat Management Devices?

Heat Management Device Guide
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Beginner's and pro's guide to HMDs
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In older times, aluminium foil was used as a heat management device in a hookah. However, as technology evolved, there were significant advancements in the manufacturing of various accessories, one of which is an HMD. If you are a hookah pro and often go to bars to enjoy some hookahs, you may be familiar with the heat management device. They are considered as the key to enhancing the hookah experience. But if you are a beginner and searching for information related to the heat management device, you have come to the right place. In this article, we have discussed what heat management devices and all the necessary details related to them are. So without wasting time, let’s start reading. Make sure you read till the end; this will help you understand the mechanism and benefits.

What Are HMDs?

A heat management device is used to distribute the heat of the hookah coals uniformly, and it is responsible for evenly making hookah. HMDs were not in everyday use till 2014; however, after that, they spread like a forest fire.

When using hookah HMDs, you can relax during a hookah session. They are made easy to use and optimized to produce more heat. Heat Management Devices (HMDs) offer a more sustainable alternative to wind covers. These devices use foil as well, but they do it more sustainably. The first company to use a “heat management device” was Kaloud Lotus V1.

Types Of HMDs


Lotus styles are among the most popular types. It consists of a zinc alloy rotatable lid and a cylinder base. However, they may take more time to heat up than other new ones, but it has excellent heat retention. It may consume more charcoal than the different types. The vents of lotus HMD are of a lotus shape.


Another type of HMD is a razor. It looks almost like lotus style with a base and a lid. At the same time, the difference between razor and lotus styles is their compatibility with charcoal. Razor style can accommodate both flat and cubes of charcoal. However, it does not have much airflow resulting in the restriction of smoke. It consumes less charcoal as it is made up of aluminium.


The next type is ignis. This piece is also identical to lotus, but it differs in the shape of the vents, and it has fan-shaped adjustable vents allowing more airflow.


Stratus is another style type. Here, you can also adjust side vents. Consequently, a more significant amount of air is provided quicker to burn. Likely, charcoal will not last very long, so expect thick clouds of smoke.

Why Are HMDs Used?

HMDs are not restricted to one; you can use them for multiple things. A hookah user inhales smoother, cleaner, and tastier clouds, with less ash, ultra-fine particles, and volatile gases passing through the charcoal. Furthermore, it makes a session last longer, allowing you and your friends to spend less time fussing with changing heads and charcoal management and more time bonding.

This product is excellent for hookah lounges because it is self-sustaining and requires slight coal rotation. Place the coals in the Kaloud Lotus, and in minutes your patrons are smoking away for hours without you having to come over and re-add coals constantly.

How Do I Use A Heat Management Device?

You may wonder How to use a Hookah Heat Management Device. Using HMDs is easier than you think.

  • First, prepare the hookah bowl with a flavour of your choice.
  • When the charcoal is glowing red hot, put it in the HMD on top of the bowl.
  • Wait for the coal to cook/heat up the bowl in five minutes to 10 minutes.
    Close the lid to make it faster.
  • Once the hookah bowl is hot enough, you may enjoy inhaling and blowing smoke.
  • To manage the heat flow, adjust the heat management device.
    Or if unsure, take the lid out completely.

Benefits Of HMDs

It is not hidden that there are quite many benefits of heat management devices. Some of the benefits are mentioned below:


You can control the flavour of shisha by selecting one or combining several. In this way, you will have a wide range of shisha flavours available.


By using a foil, you may not be able to control the airflow, but by using heat management hookah, you can enhance your experience. You can choose how much charcoal smoke you want to inhale.


By using HMDs properly, charcoal will last for a more extended period. You will use charcoal less frequently and so save money. You have to replace the aluminium foil quickly if you burn charcoal over it. If heat management devices are used, charcoal will burn slower and less wind impact.

How To Choose The Right HMD?

Once you have enough knowledge of heat management devices, you should know what factors must be kept in mind while choosing heat management devices.


Quality is a crucial part of choosing an HMD. Buying a low-quality HMD will indeed have drawbacks leading to severe consequences.


The cost of an HMD varies because of its material and size, and you will find numerous average price HMDs that will suit your budget and demands.

Coal Consumption

A hookah’s coal consumption capacity is essential, and the less the coal is consumed less pricey it will be for you. Therefore, before buying an HMD, ask the seller about its coal consumption capacity.

Why Use HMD Instead Of Foil?

Heat travels less quickly through the foil, and there is less room to travel laterally. The coal is followed promptly by the foil, followed by whatever shisha is beneath the coal. So for the shisha right beneath the coal, the heat from the coal has had less room to dissipate. Sure, you get some horizontal conduction, but because the foil is so thin, it doesn’t hold as much heat, and a lot of it will get radiated into the air.

It’s like how a thin pan cools down a lot when you put food in it – less heat capacity, even if you’re using the highest flame.

HMDs are the opposite – thicker, so the heat has more room to dissipate as it travels downwards. Right beneath the coal, the shisha doesn’t get as hot as it would with just foil, but the thicker aluminium is more effective at conducting heat around the bowl and not immediately losing it to the surrounding air.


Heat Management Devices make smoking hookah more enjoyable. You will be able to control airflow. We tried our best to include all of the main factors about each HMD here, but leave a comment below if we forgot anything or have questions.Please visit Tuah Shisha to get more and detailed information regarding to the Shisha falvours, products and its other essentials.

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