Which food and drink combination is best with your session?

You can combine fruits, fresh juice, plain water and beer to experience the best shisha sessions. There are so many flavours to choose from and some might be afraid that it will ruin their taste. In this article, we will discuss why these listed combinations can affect your sessions.

A. food combinations

a1. Fruits ✅

Adding fruit to your sessions are fine as long as the fruits are not the strong acidic types like pineapple, oranges and lime.

✅It is healthy to eat fruits in general and it doesn’t affect your sesisons as much as the rest in general.

✅In addition, fruits generally have water in it so you can simultaneously hydrate yourself while doing your session as the 

a2. Spicy Food ❌

When you eat hot and spicy food like thai food and indian food, you will lose your sense of taste and smell. 

In the end, it is hard for you to savour the smoke flavours. So, we dont recommend eathing this before starting your session.

a3. Candy ✅

Becuase the flavours originate from the East, oriental sweets are perfect companions.

But, you wouldn’t find bars giving out these candies in public though.

✅We recommend cakes, fruit desserts, jelly, soft candies, and pastries.

✅When you smoke coffee flavours, chocolates are a great mix.

❌Dont mix chocolate with fruit smoke flavours though.

B. Drink combinations

b1. Fresh fruit Juices✅

Similar to eating fruit, you can also drink fresh fruit juices as most of them don’t contain preservatives and additional flavours that might ruin your tastebuds.

Thus, you may get prolonged energy and replenished hydration from it as you continue your sessions.

b2. Beer ✅

You should only consume light beers in general. Most lounges allows this anyway so it is a common practice.

Beer can cleanse your mouth with  every sip you take so you can enjoy the taste of your smoke flavours.

If you’ve smoked hookah by yourself, you may need to drink something refreshing to refresh your senses.

b3. Plain water ✅

The plain ol boring water. Your session will last longer when you’re well-hydrated. Adding mint leaves, cucumber, or lemon to your water is also a banger.

b4. Coffee ✅

This is also a popular choice. It compliments with the added bitter and sharp sensations. The preferred coffee is the espresso or Turkish.

We recommend that you ask for pure tobacco leaf or neutral flavours. Despite the sweetness in fruit-flavoured shisha, you can’t wash away its taste with coffee alone.

Most Asian-based lounges uses this combination for their customers.

b5. Milk 🆗

👼Understandably, many might be reluctant to participate in a sesh. If you are forced to be out with friends at the lounges, this is fine as long as you are not lactose intolerant. But you might end up looking like a baby 

b6. Mixed drinks 🆗

Most recommended with lighter smoke flavours. If the mixed drinks aren’t too sweet, they pair well.

Stronger drinks might empower your smoke. Avoid spicy-flavoured smoke together with fruity beverages.

Is It Safe To do this?

Honestly, it depends on your preference. But yes it is safe to eat fruits and drink so that you can hydrate throughout the sessions.

You should at all cost avoid oily or greasy food like hungry jacks or mcdonalds during the session.

It is safe to eat and drink during your sessions. But, it really depends on your preferences.

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