Does Hookah Get You High? Debunking mtyhs & Cleaner Options

No. Smoking Hookah or Hukka does not get you high. Instead, it will give you a buzz, making you slightly light-headed but extremely relaxed. The intensity of that buzz is dependent on different hookah brands and one should be cautious as to what brands can affect them in a good or bad way.

so What does the smoke contain ?

In most cases, conventional and traditional hookah tobacco are tainted with a mix of different traditional flavours and other things like heavy metals and tar that burns into carbon monoxide. These essentailly has the potential to harm ones health if not taken in controlled portions.

Hookah tobacco is the same tobacco found in cigarettes. This means that when you smoke a hookah, you’re breathing in nicotine, tar, and heavy metals, including lead and arsenic.

details about a hookah buzz

how does the buzz from compare to other forms of smoke ?

The buzz from smoking hookah is generally milder compared to other forms, such as cigarettes and vapes. This is due to the significantly smaller amounts of nicotine found in shisha tobacco compared to other tobacco products.

The strength of the buzz can vary based on factors such as the nicotine content of the tobacco, the depth of inhalation, and individual sensitivity to nicotine.

does hookah have nicotine ?

While it’s true that many traditional hookah products contain harmful substances like nicotine, tar, and heavy metals, it’s important to recognize that not all hookah products are created equal. For instance, Tuah, a pioneering brand in the hookah industry, offers an alternative that is zero tar and nicotine-free, utilizing natural husk for flavors. Claims made by the US centre of disease as written in this document are partially true.

This innovative approach provides a safer option for those who enjoy the social and cultural aspects of hookah without the associated health risks of conventional products. Therefore, it’s crucial to differentiate between traditional hookah products and modern alternatives like Tuah when discussing the potential harms of hookah smoking.

what are some ways to intensify the buzz ?

To intensify the buzz from hookah, some individuals may seek a stronger buzz by using shisha with higher nicotine content or by choosing a greater strength of nicotine. 

Additionally, smoking on an empty stomach or when tired can potentially enhance the buzz, although this is not recommended.

how long does the buzz from hookah last ?

We did a very thorough survey on some of our customers, where we asked them, on average, how long does the buzz last in their system when they try out our shisha. And this is what we have found.

Based on the survey, a big percentage of users feel like the effects lasts more than an hour. Whereas, we believe that the more shorter buzz lengths are consisted of individuals that spend shorter hookah sessions or individuals that have high tolerance to the buzz.

Should i take breaks in between sessions and how long ?

Yes you should. One way is to drink more water to help control the intensity of the buzz, and taking breaks in between puffs can also help.

It is crucial to prioritize responsible and informed use of these products because anything in excess is not advisable, especially for beginners.

Our survey on 19 hookah smokers has shown that, based on the chart below, 30 seconds seems to be the sweet spot to take a rest in between puffs.

Is there an alternative to tobacco shisha ?

Yes there is. Tuah is the first in the world to create the zero-nicotine, zero-tobacco alternative for the hookah market. The actual details on the production of the non-tobacco shisha can be read here

The products that are created based on the non-tobacco formula can also be found here.


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