Does Hookah Get You High?

No. Smoking Hukka does not get you high. Instead, it will give you a buzz, making you slightly light-headed. But extremely relaxed. 

As you can see, it all depends on the product and how innovative the market is in creating these special tobacco. You can even combined with some hookah accessories if you want to.

BUT...Our tuah flavors will give you a buzz. Some strong, some soft, some big, some small, fruity and sweet dessert sensation for every taste buds imaginable !

*Pro tip:  DO NOT DO SHISHA ON AN EMPTY STOMACH ! This will make you nauseous. So, DON’T!

so What does the smoke contain ?

In most cases, conventional flavours are tainted with a mix of different traditional flavours and other things like heavy metals and tar that burns into carbon monoxide.

One thing that we have produced over the last 12 years is that we switched to zero tobacco, husk based products instead of conventional tobacco.

What this means is that you are actually smoking redical-free clouds!

how does the buzz from hookah compare to other forms of smoke ?

The buzz from smoking hookah is generally milder compared to other forms, such as cigarettes and vapes. This is due to the significantly smaller amounts of nicotine found in shisha tobacco compared to other tobacco products.

The strength of the buzz can vary based on factors such as the nicotine content of the tobacco, the depth of inhalation, and individual sensitivity to nicotine.

Some shisha brands are more intense, which can result in a stronger, more intense buzz. However, if you are looking for a good shisha or argileh delivery in melbourne, we got it here too.

what are some ways to intensify the buzz from smoking hookah ?

To intensify the buzz from hookah, some individuals may seek a stronger buzz by using shisha with higher nicotine content or by choosing a greater strength of nicotine. 

Additionally, smoking on an empty stomach or when tired can potentially enhance the buzz, although this should be done with caution. 

how long does the buzz from hookah last ?

The duration of the nicotine buzz from smoking hookah can vary based on individual factors and the specific type of tobacco used.

According to a source, there is no set time for a buzz, but it usually lasts a few minutes, and it can last for as long as an hour. The strength and duration of the buzz can vary based on factors such as the nicotine content of the tobacco, the depth of inhalation, and individual sensitivity to nicotine. 

what are some ways to make the buzz more enjoyable ?

Some individuals may seek to enhance the flavor of the shisha by mixing different flavors or by using high-quality, flavorful shisha brands.

Should i take breaks in between sessions?

Yes you should. One way is to drink more water to help reduce the intensity of the buzz, and taking breaks in between puffs can also help.

It is crucial to prioritize responsible and informed use of these products because anything in excess is not advisable, especially for beginners.

what are some ways to enhance your hookah sessions?

  1. Bowl Preparation:
    • Sprinkle the tobacco instead of using it as a whole piece to increase the chances of hitting the coal and letting hot air pass through it better, resulting in denser smoke and a stronger taste and flavor.
  2. Heat Management:
    • Always use coals that are glowing red for proper heat management to maximize the flavor.
  3. Water and Ice:
    • Use cold water or add ice to the base to keep the smoke colder, as colder water can enhance the flavor of the smoke.
  4. Charcoal and Foil:
    • Use natural charcoals for a fuller smoking experience and place the foil over the hookah bowl with the shiny side downwards to retain heat better and transfer it to the flavor.
  5. Cleaning and Maintenance:
    • Regularly clean hookah parts, including the bowls, glass pieces, and hoses, to eliminate flavor ghosting and ensure the best flavor.
  6. Flavor Mixing:
    • Experiment with mixing different flavors to create unique combinations and enhance the overall flavor experience.

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