Best Hookah Bars in Sydney

Types of Shisha Charcoals

Hookah bars in Sydney has been a booming phenomenon ever since the trends entered Australia. 

Since you are looking for argileh or hookah in Sydney, this is one of the most popular cities for hookah. Here, we’ve narrowed down to what are the best bars available.

1. Brimo's Restaurant & Cafe

Brimo’s bar is a place of freedom that allows for for maximum fun, dancing, music, and very vibrant vibes.

This bar is such a great place for your colleagues to get along each other. Get to know new members of different organisations allows every citizen to be more sociable and relaxed.

At this bar, they offer both an excellent dining experience and a unique hookah experience. Shisha Flavours include cherry, apple, mint, chocolate, vanilla, cappuccino, and watermelon flavour to try from.

These flavours will be the best in combination with some signature german shishas or russian hookahs. 

Even with the large crowds, these bars are still able to provide hookahs to all the tables with speed and effficient customer service.

2. Arabella Lebanese Restaurant

A Lebanese restaurant that offers a great selection speciality desserts to complement hookah smoking. Desserts like, Turkish delight, rice pudding or baklava to end your night.

Their shisha mix combinations include flavours such as apple and mint, orange and mint, and bubblegum and mint.

Authentic Middle Eastern food is the restaurant’s speciality, but if you don’t mind a heartier meal, there is plenty to choose from.

Dessert flavours just like these

3. Blue mist cafe parramatta

As the name implies, Blue Mist Cafe Parramatta is filled with bright neon lights surrounded by plume of flavoured argileh smoke, found along nightlife of Church Street.

There are lots of flavours to choose from at BMCP, so don’t be afraid to try something new.

This underground club pays home RnB to legendary Hip Hop, Rap, old and fresh, with a floor-to-ceiling mural. 

They are open from 7:30 PM until midnight Sunday to Thursdays and from 7:30 PM until 1 AM on Fridays and Saturdays. 

4. Kazbah-Darling Harbour

A memorable dining experience can be enhanced by a stunning view of the harbour accompanied by the flavours of Middle East. 

A variety of flavours can be chosen from the menu at this establishment such as, such as mint, apple, strawberry, mixed fruit and more.

That is unless you are looking for shisha or agileh near bankstown or penrith.

5. Titanic Restaurant and Cafe

If you’re looking for something more family-friendly, try Titanic Restaurant and Cafe.

Titanic Restaurant and Cafe in Sydney is an excellent choice for hookah lovers and lovers of great Italian and Mediterranean food.

This restaurant not only serves tasty food but also hosts fun events the whole family will enjoy, such as their annual Ramadan event.

Their shisha flavours trend to be more fruity flavours, like lemon, mint, and apple.

6. El Sweetie

If you’re craving something sweet, El Sweetie is just the place! It would help if you arrive with an empty stomach because there is so much portion to eat. 

Come in for a variety of Lebanese sweets, French pastries, gourmet sandwiches, and Lebanese food snacks. 

There is a family-friendly vibe at Sweetie Cafe and Sweet Saloon, and it’s a great place to enjoy a hot cup of coffee in the afternoon.

7. The Spot Chocolate Bar

We recommend this bar becasue of the delicious chocolate bar in Liverpool.

In addition to its extensive menu, the bar specialises in sweets, and yes, chocolate. In addition to a great selection of flavours, the spot’s tasty chocolate bar also comes with cherry heads, ice tips, and buckets.

With their wide variety of shisha flavours just as awesome as their desserts.

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