Closeup of different shisha flavours

Best Non Tobacco Hookah Flavors in Australia 2023

Closeup of different shisha flavours

#1 Bubble Gum (sweetooth, nostalgic, chewy candy)

closeup shot of a bubblegum shisha
Tuah Bubblegum flavour

Have you ever seen the gumball machines ? With the sugary sweet gumballs in them ? This is what Tuah bubblegum represents. Which gives you the nostalgic taste of gumballs in a vapour form! Its demand has risen in the past few years because no one else has the bubblegum flavour like we do. 

Why do customers choose this flavour ? 

  • Because they are sweethtooths.
  • Because these are tobacco free shisha.
  • Hint of strawberries & grapes.

You can also try this mixed flavours together.

40% (Bubble Gum) + 50% (Grape) + 10% (Mint) 

Insights on our Sales data of each shisha flavor profile

Based on the data that we have collected from our woo commerce sales report, 31%loves the fusion flavours that we offer. The second runner up (28%) are the fruity flavours. The remaining 41 % consists of sweet and strong flavours.

The reason for this distinction is because of the unique blends that we have. Unlike the other shisha brands out there, our husk flavours tend to fit in a very niche market that consists of sweet and fusion blends that marks it’s own territory.

#2 Apple (fresh apples, natural crisps)

closeup shot of an apple flavoured shisha
Tuah Apple Flavour

Being smooth and refreshing, Tuah apple flavour offers the real tatste of fresh apple crisps. As opposed to the OG double apple, this particular apple is designed speifically to meet the demands of the Australian lounges. Every bite of our green smith apple is smooth and sweet.

Why do customers choose this? 

  • Lounges want it. So, we give it.
  • Smooth. Fresh. Like Healthy.
  • Transport yourself to an apple orchard with each delicious flavor on your palate.

You can also try this mixed flavours together.

Best on its’ own

#3 Watermelon (super smooth)

closeup shot of a watermelon flavoured shisha
Tuah Watermelon Flavour

This watermelon is supperrrrr smooth and sweet. So, we have made it our prominent fruit flavour since most customers prefer smooth than getting buzzed all night.

So why customers like watermelon?

  • Best for Australian summer.
  • Feels Icy and Refreshing.
  • Mildly sweet. Sorry sweethooths.

You can also try this mixed flavours together.

👍Watermelon (40%) + Grape (40%) + Mint (10%) – Marrakech House Blend

👍Watermelon (90%) + Mint (10%) – Customer Recommendation

Insights on total number of shisha flavors bought by each Australian state

Based on our sales data, Victoria and New South Wales has the highest number of our customers that buys our shisha. This is because the culture of smoking hookah is massive at these states, which is also the byproduct of a developed metropolitan city.

The hookah culture in Western Australia is the third biggest in Australia. However, we believe that the West Australian demographies prefer more traditional and conventional brands like Al Fakher, Fumari etc. Also, we believe that the age groups in this state consists of older groups (above 45 years old).

#4 Mint (Strong kick to the teeth)

closeup shot of a mint flavoured shisha
Tuah Mint Flavour

Of course. Our long time classic mint flavour with a super menthol cooling sensation. The staple. With its icy, rich kick, it possesses the power to blend into other mixes as well.

So why would people want mint?

  • Those who enjoys getting kicked
  • It coverts summer to winter
  • Tuahs’ strongest blend for the strong-willed.
  • Can blend with other flavours (in micro amounts).

You can also try this mixed flavours together.

its too unique. So, you need to watch it when mixing. We recommend reading on the top 10 flavour combinations to learn more about mixes.

#5 Rose Swisscake (creamy rosey swedish delight)

closeup shot of swisscake flavoured shisha
Tuah Swisscake Flavour

Just like the swedish delight, it is thick, sweet and flavourful. The dessert taste is like going for pastries tasting for your wedding.The combination of roses and cream with almonds is why most ladies love this flavour. 

So Who is this swiss cake for though?

  • Ladies. It’s more for ladies really. Men can have it too.
  • Like cakes with zero calories? This flavour gives just that.
  • Most boyfriend’s love their ladies smelling sweet.

You can also try this mixed flavours together.

Varies in the mix percentages.

#6 Strawberry (fresh, lush and red strawberry bite)

closeup shot of a strawberry flavoured shisha
Tuah Strawberry Flavour

Most ideal for a light-hearted and fun session because of its sweet and fruity flavour. With deep fruity tastes of strawberries and moderate sweet notes, this flavour has a taste that is both refreshing and sweet.

So why strawberries ?

  • It’s easy to smoke.
  • More like a newbie choice.
  • Best for your GFs birthday  gift.
  • Flexible to mix with mint or grape.

You can also try this mixed flavours together.

Varies in the mix percentages.

#7 Cookies and Cream (rich, creamy & crunchy)

closeup shot of a cookies and cream flavoured shisha
Tuah Cookies & Cream Flavour

This one hits with the creamy taste, and the aroma is just like Oreos really. I’m not kidding. Cookies in the form of a smoke. Light and Creamy. Your chick will be loving you.

So why Cookies?

  • Like dripping oreos into milk.
  • Boys do love this.
  • Sweet-tooth junkies.
  • That recreate the indulgence of biting into an Oreo cookie.

You can also try this mixed flavours together.

Varies in the mix percentages.

#8 Rose Water (soft, sweet, pink petals)

closeup shot of a rosewater flavoured shisha
Tuah Rosewater Flavour

This flavour is a bit more uniqie because we had to imagine how would a rose perfume smell like, without the perfume. Get it? Or imagine sitting onto a rose bed with your eyes closed.

So why would i want rose?

  • It’s actually an intense flavour.
  • Best for flower lovers. Like a real lover.
  •  It’s made of 30% fruit and 70% dessert rose.
  • Also like tea, actually puts you to sleep.

You can also try this mixed flavours together.

Varies in the mix percentages. But generally can be mixed with mint or lemon.

#9 Triple Apple (natural fructose crunch, super crisp)

closeup shot of a triple apple flavoured shisha
Tuah Triple Apple Flavour

Now that you’ve seen the little brother, Apple. This guy is like the biggest A’hole of the siblings. Triple Apples is literally subtle with their apple, star-anise and licorice. For which, the actual KICK is from the licorice itself.

Why would i want that kick?

  • If you’re a real man, you’d want this. It’s designed for you.
  • Next to the mint, this one is more gentlemen-like. More bespoke. But a bully.
  • If you’re pissed off, and wanna get to Hulk level, this is for you.

You can also try this mixed flavours together.

Triple Apple (50%) + Creamy Cherry (50%)

#10 Ice Cream Kiwi (smooth, velvety fruit)

closeup shot of an ice kiwi flavoured shisha
Tuah Kiwi Ice Cream Flavour

I went to the NZ and thought, why not have a kiwi shisha in our arsenal? Imagine watering taste of smooth ice cream and sweet kiwi fruit. Offt.

So why get this?

  • Like kiwi ? 
  • Like fruit ?
  • So get it.

You can also try this mixed flavours together.

Varies in the mix percentages.

A combination of premium ingredients ensures that each flavour is dedicated to providing a fantastic smoke experience, rich aroma, and thick cloud.


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