hookah flavours for beginners

Best Flavours For Beginners: A Simple Guide

Triple Apple

apple shisha flavour triple taste

Triple apple makes your smoking experience fabulous and exciting by soothing your taste buds with less stickiness. Essentially it has a licorice flavor.

The scent of this flavour allows for an even more extended session.


shisha flavour mint

This is one of the old time favourites of the strong flavours. This has always been a fresh way of smoking with its’ strong menthol.

Users normally experience a minty aroma and taste that is overpowering. It is almost like a cold as wind blowing during the australian winter.


Orange Flavour 1kg

Orange is one of the traditional flavours and it is high in demand.

 You can feel the smoke blending with your soul with the fruity scent. It is refreshing to start your day, and mixing it with several other flavours to enhance your experience.


Grapes are generally sour and sweet and often leave that sourness in your mouth.

 You’ll feel as if you’re guzzling grape juice with this smooth, sweet taste. It is soothing to your taste buds to inhale the flavour of a juicy grape. 

You will savour a smooth exhale after you have smoked our grape flavour. Grape is quite possibly one of the most versatile products available on the market. 


150G shisha rosewater flavour

Rose is a sign of love or associates it with happiness, joy and romance. You’ll be surprised by how delicious pink roses are.

You will feel refreshed after relaxing and enjoying the flower blossom mix. You feel as if you are cooling off from sweltering heat and blowing clouds of milky, cloudy air into the sky.

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A combination of premium ingredients ensures that each flavour is dedicated to providing a fantastic smoke experience, rich aroma, and thick cloud.


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